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So I recently found myself on my couch at home, tears in my eyes and unable to stop. The reason for my sadness you ask? An advert by The World Animal Protection. It’s one that we’ve all seen before, asking for donations and support, showing examples of animals in stressful, cruel or very dangerous conditions. But there was a moment in this particular advert that really stuck me. It was a very short clip of two elephants dressed up and dancing simultaneously. They were dancing quick and perfectly in unison, they were dancing as if their lives depended on it, because it did. And this broke my heart.

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You don’t have to do much research to know that in order to get elephants to perform like this, it involves cruelty and nothing but. I won’t go into details, but this form of ‘entertainment’ is vile and when I saw that short clip it really hit home how much they must have suffered in order to result in that dance. The worst part of this, is that so many people go to these beautiful countries such as Thailand, attend shows such as this, ride elephants, get pictures with tigers, most of time none the wiser of what happens behind closed doors. There are of course amazing rescue centers that fight to protect animals as well, but right now it is still too common for these cruel shows to be taking place.

This advert was a reminder of how much animals are taken for granted, and as someone who Loves animals, I don’t want to stand around and do nothing. I just wanted to write this post in the hope that even one person might see this and check out the World protection website.

I decided to renew my monthly donation to them immediately and I urge anyone to give what they can. Buy a gift, donate or do anything you can! We need to protect these beautiful animals from the awful people who take advantage of them.

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