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You may have noticed my blog posts have been a little less frequent the past few weeks. This is not down to me being lazy I promise, its more to do with wanting to remember to enjoy life, and not get too caught up in work. Creative work, and fun work for sure, but work none the less. Between christmas shopping, and my job, I wanted to embrace every free moment to make the most of it and make memories.

Taking a step back sometimes can be exactly what you need. Whether it’s having that extra glass of wine, taking yourself for a facial, or just staying in with your feet up by the fire. Embrace the moments, create memories and your mind will be grateful for the break.

Whenever I am feeling a little uninspired, I like to just step away, take my mind off of it and live! I think it’s safe to say that 2016 has been a stark reminder that life is bloody short, so don’t waste it. I love being able to create beautiful photos, discussion posts, recommendations or just plain old chatty blogs. But remembering to step outside of that little bubble and back into the world is what leads to more inspiration, more posts and a hell of a lot of good memories to look back on.

Thanks to the festive season I am feeling happy, confident and so ready for what 2017 will bring! So remember to find the balance and put down the laptop once in while, it’s amazing what you can miss when you are staring too hard at a computer screen!





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