Tone it up: New January challenge

It’s officially day one of the new Tone it up January challenge and I am feeling so motivated. In the not so distant past, this time last year I was preparing for the last January challenge, not even completely convinced that I would last the whole 8 weeks. Surprisingly as each week passed by I was feeling so much better, and so confident. I certainly wasn’t perfect, which is well documented on my blog throughout the 8 weeks that it took place. By the end however, I had lost weight, and more impressively to me, quite a lot of inches.

Sadly easter eggs and a lack of seeing changes clearly enough in myself, meant that I drifted between working out one week and then doing absolutely nothing the next. I look back at pictures after the challenge and only now can I see the difference that I was blind to at that time. Which is typical of what we all seem to do, so afraid to admit that we look good, or picking at the parts of our bodies we could still make ‘better’.  A mixture of those thoughts, and just basically falling into an unhealthy rut meant the remainder of 2016, I was not feeling my best.

This challenge couldn’t come at a better time, which is why I fully invested in purchasing the new workouts from the amazing trainers Katrina and Karena, this time also teamed with Jillian Michaels, as well as purchasing some new equipment too. Since joining tone it up, I have slowly been building up the equipment I have, which now means I am in a perfect position to work out at home. For me, working out at home has been when I have seen the best results. I love the gym too, but between work, piano lessons, and general life I was wasting my money on a membership, that I just wasn’t using. At home I can work out as soon as I roll out of bed, hell, I sometimes even stay in my pjs and workout. In the past following a dvd workout didn’t bring me much change, but I know the Tone it up plan works, I’ve seen this for myself. So as cliché as it may be to get back on track at the beginning of January, I really don’t care. Now is a great time to start and begin as I mean to go on!

I’m sure I will rejoin a gym when my work schedule allows, but I am happy and confident that K&K will be just fine for me and the goals I have for my self!

Stay tuned on the process over the next 6 weeks during the challenge and beyond!




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