Autumn Walks


Sometimes I love nothing more than getting out. Getting out of the house, out of work, even out of my own head. A great way to do this is I find is to get outside, and take a walk. Luckily the local park isn’t too far from me so I do have full advantage of this, which my family dog really enjoys as well. This park has been with me my whole life, playing games, walking family dogs over the years, we even buried a hamster there once! Throughout the years, I found great comfort in getting fresh air and sitting in a pretty spot of the park. I call it my little happy place, even in the winter it’s just a great place to be.


Lately I have wanted to get out a little bit more and refocus. Autumn is also a great time to enjoy some walks. I’m naturally always cold, so I am somewhat bundled up throughout most of the year, but I am really in my element as the seasons change to the colder months. New hats, cosy socks, and a deliciously warm coat are all essentials for me this Autumn, heading into Winter.


Before it gets a little too chilly, why not use these last few sunny Autumn days to take some time for you and enjoy a little Autumn walk…




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