Making Everyday an awareness day


Recently it was World mental health day, and whilst this is a great way of getting a message out there into society, I do think we really need to be far more aware of everything going on in the world.

As someone who has grown up with technology I am fully aware that enjoying using twitter or your smart phone doesn’t automatically make you oblivious to other things, and it does not (as some people believe) make people obsessed with social media. However, I think there is more to be done than simply using a hashtag and letting that be the end of it.

From World mental health day, to Comic relief, we seem to have developed a habit of posting about what’s trending and really not looking further. I myself at times have posted about something happening in the world, such as unfortunately an attack, or natural disaster, but whilst an outcry of support is amazing to see, I do think sometimes our immediate response to anything in posting it online needs to be reevaluated.

I don’t mean that we have to be responsible for solving every single thing taking place in the world at the same time. But there is a lot to be done, and I think we all need a reminder sometimes there is always more to do. If volunteering at an animal shelter appeals to you then make it happen, looking to help the homeless, then why not look into charities where you can get involved. There are so many options out there, and even beyond the UK or wherever you live in the world, even more volunteering opportunities to be a part of.

For me personally, I hate seeing anyone sleeping on the street. Whatever the reasons, people should not be out alone, sleeping and living on the street, particularly at this time of year. I really want to get involved in helping more. It’s 2016, and we should not be getting accustomed to seeing this, and passing by so quickly, sometimes without thinking twice.

Donating to charities and causes is amazing, keeping people aware through social media of what is happening in the world is also great to spread awareness and get others involved. But I just think that we need to also remember to step away from the computer screen and make a difference in our own little way, and hopefully make this world of ours a little brighter each day.

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