Why it’s important to have a little faith


I’m not a particularly religious person. Though I attended church as a child, eventually I made the decision to stop going. I definitely enjoyed church when I was there, and it was just the routine that myself and my siblings were used to. But eventually you grow older, and have your own opinions that shift that routine completely. Stopping attending church wasn’t a major event in my family, it was just a gradual thing as we realised that everything we are taught about jesus, god and the bible may not be the only thing we can believe in.

Though I don’t practice a particular faith, that doesn’t mean I don’t fully believe everyone should have a little faith in their own way. Whether you practice Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Sikhism or any other religion more than anything it’s believing in a higher power, and teaching those who follow that religion to spread a message of faith and love. Religion is a hotly debated topic, and something that has been debated for as long as I can remember. However, I choose to believe that for the majority of those that follow a faith, what they enjoy more than anything, is being part of something, being a community and having something to turn to in times of pain and joy.

I personally choose to believe that there isn’t a god, or a higher power. However, being part of a community of others, believing that there is a sense of something more out there, I believe is enough. Whether you are a spiritual person, an atheist or a believer in a god, what’s most important is to have faith.

Not only in others, in what you choose to believe, but also in yourself.





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