Blake lively: A Style champion


Whether you first came across Blake lively as sporty golden goddess Bridget in the sisterhood of the traveling pants, or envied her style and character as the beautifully flawed Serena Van der wooden, you cannot deny that Blake is a woman who you cannot forget. Not only does she have legs for days, a beautiful face,and a gorgeous flowing set of locks on her head, more than anything she has a fantastic personality and a superb sense of style. Though her fame has certainly increased with every season of gossip girl that passed, Blake has become as well-known for her own style, as much as she was for her characters style on the show, in fact, she has most definitely surpassed Serena.

Not only does Blake choose to work without a stylist, she has truly never really put a foot wrong in terms of style. Whether it be the young fresh approach to styling in the early days of her career, to the more sleek and couture style she developed over the years, or completely nailing pregnancy style, Blake truly is a style champion. Though I was equally mesmerised with the clothes of all of the gossip girl characters, I have always loved seeing what Blake personally picks out for every occasion. I have picked out just a few of my favourite outfits that Blake has recently worn to perfection.

Summer styling 


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Business Forward


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Subtle and sexy statement 


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Pregnancy Perfection


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Cannes Couture


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One thing I adore about Blake lively is her adorable personality and hilarious sense of humour. Although she is one of the most beautiful women in the world, I love that she can laugh at herself and not take life too seriously.

Thank you for reading everyone, let me know what you love about Blake’s style.





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