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Though I am 26 years old, when it comes to reading, I really like to read mixture of books. Whether Classics, Romantic, or even books tailored to a younger audience. There is a diverse amount of young adult fiction, and I truly love to read this genre. Though it may be geared towards a slightly younger demographic, sometimes its nice to read these types of books, Whether a holiday read, or just a some light fiction for a bus journey, I really love these books and today I am reviewing one of the latest books I have read: First and Then, by Emma Mills.

First and Then is a lovely story with Devon Tennyson as our main character. We dive straight into her world, where her cousin Foster has come to live with her family temporarily and she is also dealing with the fact that she is in love with her best friend. As Devon is feeling the pressure to start thinking about College, and life after high school she is also thrown into sharing her parents with Foster, and suddenly having to see Ezra Lynley, the schools shining star Quarterback enter her life a little more, as he befriends her cousin.

Devon does not have the time of day for someone as rude and obnoxious as Ezra, but as we delve deeper into the Devon’s life and story, we soon discover along with her, that there is more to Ezra than meets the eye. This is a great narrative of the struggle of how all people feel at the age of 17, discovering who they really want to be, as well as dealing with the teen crushes, misunderstood feelings and finding yourself.

This is a book that I really, really enjoyed. So much in fact that I was disappointed when it finished. Though it was a really lovely ending, I felt that I could have easily read more and more about Devon and her life. I could happily read a sequel to this book. This book, literally made me grin like I was 15 again thinking about the crush I had, and if only he would have been as adorable as Ezra. There are moments of fun, pain and such sweetness you can barely stop smiling! Not only is this about first loves, and the next stage after high school. This book is truly a great representation of discovering yourself and falling in love, something that Emma Mills writes and captures beautifully.

I was so pleased to see that Emma Mills the author behind the book, is also a YouTuber. It’s great to see someone who has worked hard, obviously has a passion for this and has pursed a dream. I really relate to Devon, and I enjoyed Emma’s style of writing, that is so sure of who Devon is as a person, that I completely fell into her world, and at times really didn’t want to pull myself out of it.

I’m guilty of judging a book by it’s cover, but I am so happy to say that a book I purchased for being so adorable and lovely on the outside, turned out to be a beautiful story filled with heart, compassion and beautiful words on the inside.

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