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Lately there has been discussion after discussion, and endless stories about the blogging and YouTube world. Whether it’s down to how much people earn, ‘controversy’ in the papers or comments about neither blogging or making videos being a real job. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that on the surface it may seem a strange career to have, but the criticism I see on a weekly or sometimes even daily basis honestly really does aggravates me. I’m not suggesting that schools should start lessons in vlogging, or that young boys and girls should neglect their education to spend endless amounts of time online trying to become a YouTuber, because as many should know, the chances of that happening are very slim. However, I don’t agree with those that suggest it isn’t a real job for the people who are doing this full-time already. We really do need to stop judging this industry and embrace the fact, that it is here to stay.


“Youtube and blogging isn’t a real job”…

My favourite Youtuber! Inthefrow is intelligent, hardworking and definietely shows why this is a real job.

My favourite Youtuber! Inthefrow is intelligent, hardworking and definietely shows why this is a real job.- i do not own photo- credit –

Though Youtubers and bloggers may not all sit at a desk 9-5, that shouldn’t mean it is any less of a job. Life is way too short to not be enjoying what you do with your life. I have been in jobs that literally drained everything out of me. I would come home and cry, I would be stressed constantly and always feeling bad on a Sunday evening in anticipation of the next day. If you are able to make a living doing what you truly love and enjoy than why shouldn’t you! Of course there are bloggers that do get paid to say they enjoy any and every product and don’t mind to mis-lead their readers, but the majority of people started blogging and YouTube not even realising it could turn into more than a hobby. There are so many other things that people could be discussing rather than how much someone earns for doing something they love.


“Blogging and YouTube is just a phase”

Laura lee is a YouTuber that inspires me with her work ethic

Laura lee is a YouTuber that inspires me with her work ethic. I do not own this photo – credit

I think a lot of the criticism comes from the fact that people often assume that making a YouTube video is as simple as balancing a camera, talking about yourself for a little while and then simply uploading it. But whether it is blogging or YouTube, if you genuinely want to create entertaining, meaningful and informative posts or videos, than there is a great deal of hard work that goes into it. I can only speak for myself when I say that as many hours as possible go into making my blog and YouTube the best it can be. Maybe it does seem strange that this can now be a sustainable career for a lot of people, but the amount of negativity towards those that are professional bloggers really baffles me. In comparison to some other careers, yes it is relatively easier in some aspects, but that’s true of a lot of other professions. I think we need to shift focus and move on.


“Creating your own career”


Blogger Zoella has her own line of products and Books.

It is still a very new thing to say that you are a professional YouTuber or blogger, but it is a career that encourages people to be entrepreneurs, to be punctual and consistent and really creative. There should not be so much criticism of something that allows men and women to be independent and map out their own career for themselves.

I know that not all media outlets speak negatively towards blogging and YouTube, but I think we need to realise that this is not something that is going away, and this is not a phase.

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