10 Feelings only women will understand…


We ladies are fascinating specimens, that are not always so easy to read or understand, particularly to the opposite sex. You see there are certain things we women rejoice over, mourn over or are easily annoyed at, that men simply wouldn’t understand. Today I wanted to share just 10 things that we ladies can all relate to and collectively say, yes I get you…You are not alone in this feeling.

1. The anger you feel and unfair reality of knowing that after trying for 2 hours to recreate that perfect messy bun you won’t be able to. Even though you somehow managed to do in 3 seconds the day before.

2. The confidence you have when everything is going great and your worries have taken a back seat!

3. Wearing matching underwear and suddenly feeling like you have your life together.

4. The comfort of having a hot water bottle permanently attached to you, for the entire duration of your period.

5. Also the overwhelming happiness of eating your weight in chocolate that same week, without evening thinking twice.

6. The annoyance you feel when your dancing in the mirror is on point, and no one is there to witness it.

7. The Love you have for your best friends that truly know you.

8. The happiness you feel, when you realise you’re over that guy that didn’t deserve you to begin with.

9. The amazing joy and relief you feel when you take your hair down from a bun or pony tail after a long day of being tied up.

10. Last, but not least. The JOY of taking off your bra at the end of the day. There is not feeling quite like letting that bra clasp loose, putting on a baggy t-shirt or pjs and being able to fully relax. You have to be a pretty special person in a woman’s life, if you are able to get her out of the house once that bra is off.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you again soon for my next post 🙂





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