New makeup brushes: Sigma Kabuki brushes in use


If you have seen my recent blog posts, you will know I recently purchased some new additions to my makeup collection. One of these purchases being the Sigma Kabuki brush set.

I wanted to test these brushes out, try to see how they work, and the finished look that comes from the brushes. As you may know already, I am a huge lover of the Real techniques blending sponge for my foundation. I find that the sponge produces a fantastic coverage for liquid foundation, that I had not seen before. The Sigma brushes have a wonderful reputation for being second to non in terms of foundation application and blending, therefore I was extremely eager to try the brushes out.



F80 Flat Kabuki Brush


This brush is one that I have seen in use on many other blogs. It is quite a small brush, all of the sigma brushes are actually smaller than I thought they would be. This however, makes them perfect for your makeup bag. It was very strange using a brush to apply my foundation after using the real techniques sponge for so long, but after several minutes of blending it did start to feel a lot better. The coverage was very good, though my skin has been a little worse for wear lately with a few breakouts, so definitely not my best application. I actually don’t enjoy applying makeup when my skin is like this, as it never quite feels covered enough.

The brush did pick up the liquid foundation easily, so much so in fact, the white bristles are definitely already a nice shade of tan now. For my first try, I found the size of this brush easy to handle, and the coverage on my face really excellent. I did still use the real techniques sponge to smooth it out a little more, but old habits die-hard!


F88 Flat Angled Kabuki Brush


Another firm favourite among many people is the flat angled Kabuki. I used this brush to work in my under eye concealer. This was really great for that tricky inner corner of the eye, and similar to the F80, I struggled to get used to the bristles of the brush at first, but in terms of blending this brush worked very well. The flat angled Kabuki is great to use for foundation, but I loved the shape for blending in my concealer in those harder to reach places. All of these brushes are very soft, and as they pick up the product so well, I can didn’t find myself wasting product or having a great deal of product left on the brush.


F82 Round Kabuki Brush


The final brush I wanted to try for this look was the F82 round kabuki brush. I used this brush to add a little powder to my face, as well as to set my makeup. I started with sweeping a light layer of powder to my face and also added powder to my under eye area, again to set my concealer in place. Though I lightly tapped it in, this brush picked up a lot of product easily, so I definitely recommend adding a little at a time. The softness of the fibres made this step a breeze and the powder did not feel too heavy at all.

I wanted to try the brushes with my everyday makeup routine first to see how they compare to what I currently use. Though I did still use my trusted blending sponge, I really love the result of using the Kabuki brushes.

I filmed this look and trying the brushes for the first time over on my YouTube channel, so if you want to see the brushes in use, then take a look below.


Thank you for reading 🙂






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