Celebrating 2016: New beginnings

Today I just wanted to share a little life update with you all.

If you read my 2016 post, then you will know one of my goals this year was to find a new job. For the long term I have my own personal goals for what I want to do, but for now I just wanted a change from the job I have been doing for the past two years. It brings me such happiness to share with you that I have now been offered a new job elsewhere, and I am so excited to make a fresh start somewhere else.

Both my friends and family have seen how much my current role has caused me to be stressed and get ill a lot more than I usually do. I am one of those people who is rarely sick, yet I have had the flu, a stomach virus, and other illnesses throughout 2015. I have been ready to make a change job wise for a while now, and just wanted to update you all.

I really want to commit as much time as possible to this blog and to make sure I have great content for everyone that visits, with this new job I really feel like I will be able to do that. It is full-time, so I know I will still be very busy balancing it all, but I honestly look at this blog as a second job (a very fun second job that is!) and I promise to be fully committed 🙂

Thanks for reading eveyone.

Let me know some of your 2016 goals!





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