How to wear: Charlotte Tilbury Rock and Kohl


Charlotte Tilbury is one of those brands that I had wanted to try for so long, and as it is more of a luxury brand I never really got around to purchasing anything, particularly as the closest counter to my home city was Manchester. That was until a few weeks ago, when a counter opened within John Lewis in Liverpool One. I decided to visit the store with the intent of purchasing the ever popular Glastonberry lipstick and I actually picked up a few extras as well.

I actually didn’t plan on buying a liner when I visited the counter, but after noticing it on one of the sales girls I had to try it. She recommended that I go with the Barbarella brown shade, so I took the plunge and decided to go with a change from my usual black liner.


I loved the results I got with this liner, not only is it easy to apply, a truly gorgeous shade of brown and long-lasting, but it’s so lovely to try something new as well. I love black eye liner, it’s a classic look you can use to turn your make up look from plain to sexy just from just adding a slick cat eye. But with the brown eye liner, I feel like this can be used for more of an everyday look without the liner seeming too heavy.

When using this gorgeous brown shade, I would go for a thicker line, which I did for this particular look. As it is brown I felt like a heavier line would be better, to truly get the most from the shade. The liner is really easy to apply to the lid which means you won’t be spending too long trying to perfect that cat eye edge, if that is the look you are going with. It’s very useful for those who like to spend a minimal amount of time on their makeup.

I decided not to have a strong lip colour as I was heading out for food and drinks, however I would say that it is the perfect shade to go with a brighter or heavier lipstick. For this particular day I decided not to add eye shadow, but this brown is so gorgeous I would love to see it used for a neutral smoky eye. This liner gives a soft look so it really is a great choice for a blended and smoky eye, something I may try in another post. This liner has the perfect look that a black liner gives, without feeling quite as heavy. I don’t always like having a heavy makeup look, so this is a great way to achieve a fantastic look.

I would highly recommend the Charlotte Tilbury Liners, not only are they easy to apply, but very long-lasting. Though I have only tried this particular shade so far, I definitely think another trip to the store will be needed very soon!



Thank you for reading everyone. If you are looking to purchase the liner than head over to the Charlotte Tilbury site here.














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