The Tone it up challange: Week One


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As some of you know, I am a huge fan of Karena and Katrina, better known as the ladies of Tone it up! I have been a TIU member for a few months now, maybe even close to a year actually, but I have yet to really feel like a tone it up girl. Though I stick to the recipes they provide for the most part, I haven’t really found that full balance yet of what I like to stick to which is 80/20 rule for my diet.

I have really healthy moments and I have days when all I want is junk. But since a new Tone it up 8 week challenge has begun, I decided to keep my blog followers updated and take you along for the ride. Not only is this to let you see what is involved with Tone it up, but also as an added motivator for me to stick with the challenge.

This is not about losing weight. This is about taking back control of my body, feeling my best, feeling fit, and most importantly healthy. I have had a few issues of late with feeling weak, dizzy and generally just ill. I want to make sure that what I am putting into my body is the very best for it, and I definitely want to make sure I get my exercise game better than it has been lately. If you read my post on my 2016 promises to myself than you know getting back to feeling as healthy as possible is high on my list! The tone it up challenge couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

Here is what week one looked like of the challenge:

Throwing myself back into exercise was easier than I thought.  I am quite good at waking myself up if I am motivated enough, and after the christmas indulgence we all allow ourselves I was ready to wake up early and start moving and shaking again 😉 although there was one day when I just couldn’t get out of bed.

I used my Tone it up diary to begin tracking my goals during the 8 weeks and where I want to be at the end. Yes I definitely want to tone up, and lose a few pounds, but to be honest as long as I improve my overall health I will be happy. Wednesday was probably the best day for me, not just because this is when we can have a glass of wine, but I felt like I was adjusting well to getting back to eating healthy and exercising regularly again. I have had an extra piece of fruit, and a sneaky bit of chocolate this week but my meals have all been full of nutrients and exactly what is set out in the plan.


I don’t expect the next 7 weeks to be easy, but I am so excited to see my progress, see the changes in my body and to see how my cravings for the more indulgent foods also change.

The idea behind the 8 week plan is that the wonderful trainers Karena and Katrina have planned everything for us. Shopping lists, what to eat at every meal, what work out to do and even when to have a glass of wine! The ladies of Tone it up are truly amazing, they have devised a plan for a regular diet, pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. It literally means we have no excuses, no issues with what to eat and what work out to choose.

I haven’t been perfect in terms of my snacking but this is all about getting back into the swing of things and having fun. I’m sure I will improve week by week.

Thanks for reading everyone. Do you have any fitness goals for this year?





*I don’t want to share everything the Tone it up girls provide, purely because they work so hard on this for the TIU members, and to release it all here would not be fair, and most likely against some copyright laws 🙂


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