New Makeup, New Choices: Kiko Cosmetics

Hi everyone,

As you may know from previous posts, I have been looking to try new makeup and beauty products, especially those that are cruelty free. So with that in mind I have been tirelessly researching, reading reviews and looking into so many brands. I have finally started to purchase new makeup! (And who doesn’t love new makeup).

It has been fun to actually step outside of the Body Shop bubble and see what else is our there! My first purchase was actually inspired by reading a blog post by Zoe Sugg (Zoella). I saw this product range from Kiko and fell in love. They are cruelty free and have some gorgeous products at very reasonable prices. I still have many more shopping trips and lots of trial and error for what will work for me. But for now read on below to see the first few products I have purchased in my cruelty free journey…

Kiko- Rebel romantic contouring pencils

I haven’t tried contouring before as I always thought it was a not for me, but after watching more and more YouTube videos and reading up, I like the idea of just adding a little something more to define my face. I saw these pencils and thought they would be a great starter for branching into contouring. Contour can look amazing, but do it badly and well you may end up looking like a spray tan gone wrong. I’m really excited to try these out with a few new makeup tools.

Kiko –Rebel Romantic  Perfecting Bronzer

This bronzer is adorable. Compact, sleek and has perfecting powder to completely give your face the coverage it needs with that all important sun-kissed glow. I am looking forward to trying this out, once my other bronzer has been finished.

I am running low on absolutely all my makeup, so I’m quite glad they have run out at the same time. Though my purse is crying a little, buying it all at once does make life easier, and also stops me from buying anything frivolous.

Kiko- Rebel romantic Intensely Lavish lipstick

I love red lipstick. It’s actually really the only lip stick colour I have worn, so when I saw this on the Kiko site I had to try it. My previous lipstick that I used had been a Lancome one, so steering away from that brand I am so pleased I have found a lipstick that is a very good price, has staying power and is still the gorgeous bright shade that I was looking for!






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