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Hi Everyone,

So today I wanted to talk about a topic that is very important to many people, not only within the beauty industry, but for animal rights supporters too.

As you have seen from previous posts of mine, I am a big supporter of animals, and I try to continually educate myself on ways I can help, what I can do to stop contributing to animal suffering and hopefully make a change. I am a vegetarian, I don’t buy leather or other clothing made from animals and for the longest time I thought sticking to The Body shop products was a safe way to make a conscious effort to be cruelty free. As I am running low on majority of my beauty products, I decided I would branch out and try some new items, whilst looking into the best foundations, blusher etc I decided to make a conscious effort to ensure that the brands I was looking to buy are cruelty free.

Some of our family pets. If I wouldn’t want them to be tested on then I don’t want any animal to be 🙂

It is from this research that I have found out far more about the efforts of some companies to make cruelty free products, as well as those that use clever wording to trick us into where they actually stand. Now I am well aware that The Body Shop are owned by L’Oreal, however since the EU ban on animal testing came into action, I believed that it was ok to still buy their products. However, though it is correct that no cosmetic company can test on animals, or sell products that have been in the EU, we are not fully informed on the rules for other countries. China being the main source of conflict.

You see it is the law in china that every product must be tested on animals before being allowed to be sold to the Chinese consumers, therefore, any cosmetic company that wishes to sell their products in china must comply. So even though they do not test on animals in the EU, these companies such as L’Oreal will test for their Chinese consumers. It is for this reason that I do not believe I can support a company that would do this. Yes there is a great profit to be had with the millions of consumers there, but if I were a company that wanted to really be cruelty free than I could not comply with this demand. I won’t go into detail about the tests they carry out on these animals, but sufficed to say it is wrong. I do not want a blusher, or a lipstick that has been made with the help of any living thing suffering.

This post is really to make you aware that a little research goes a long way, and if you are conscious about not contributing to animal testing than maybe read up on this subject. I know I won’t be perfect in my journey but I am making an effort to go cruelty free one step at a time. I am a fan of a lot of other beauty bloggers and will continue to be, this isn’t an attack on individuals who use these products, as we all have a right to choose. But this is just how I feel, and I wanted to share this new step in not only my blogging journey but my life in general. It is somewhat of a personal choice about buying from companies that are cruelty free, but are owned by a larger company that is not, so that’s what I will be looking at, but ideally I would rather just support those that are not linked to any cruelty.

Thanks for reading everyone!





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