Review: Zoella Tutti Fruity Beauty range

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So as you can guess from the title, today I am talking all things Zoella! I started watching Zoë’s Youtube videos a couple of months ago, and like the rest of the world I just find Zoë to be entertaining, funny, lovely and bubbly (Didn’t intend for that to rhyme). I enjoy Zoë’s videos just because of how genuine she seems, and she is clearly really passionate about making her videos enjoyable and informative when reviewing and recommending brands and products. After becoming a fan of Zoella, I was quite excited to see the new Zoella Beauty line and try them out. I saw a lot of reviews after only a day or two of the products being out, which is fine, but I like to give products a good old go for a few weeks to really see how they are. So read on to see what I thought of the range…

Candy Cream Body Lotion


The candy cream lotion was actually the product I was looking forward to trying the most. I love body lotions and, this product just looked lovely as soon as I saw it. What I really like about this lotion is that it has something different to offer. The lotion contains these small pink bursting beads that add to the gorgeous scent this lotion has. Not only this, but it instantly sinks in to your skin,you literally need the smallest amount and it still does the job! This is great because having to use half the bottle with each application means you run out before you’ve even started. I really love this lotion, it’s perfect for a refreshing scent to your body and it will definitely last.

Fresh Fizz Bath Bomb

The fresh fizz bath bomb is hard for me to review in some ways. I am a shower girl! I prefer showers over baths and have done for as long as I remember. This may partly be because my legs can’t fit in the bath properly, but that’s just me. That being said, I loved the packaging on the Bath fizz bomb,so adorable and I can see why they have a don’t eat label on it, as it does look like chocolate. The smell of the bath fizzer is really, really lovely. (As is the whole range). It melted into the water very quickly which is a plus for me, as I hate bath bombs that end up floating around and not completely dissolving. Something I didn’t really like is that there isn’t much bubble to the fizzer. Which I know is a common thing with a lot of other bath bombs, but I am someone who really enjoys a lot of bubbles in my bath.


As I don’t get many baths, the times I do I want to make the most of it! So the product itself is lovely, actually dissolves and has a lovely smell that lingers on your skin. But if you are looking for a bubble bath than maybe combine this with another bath product or give it a miss.

Scrubbing Me Softly Body Scrub


This is a really great Body scrub. I saw a lot of people comment on how good it smells as soon as you open the lid, I didn’t really get a strong scent when I opened the product, but when I actually used it the scent became a lot stronger. As far as scrubs go, I find the ‘Scrubbing me softly scrub’ is not only effective but it’s something I have used consistently since trying it. We are told to exfoliate, and body brush etc on a regular basis, but sometimes life gets in the way. However, I really enjoyed this scrub and just made it a habit to carry on using it and I’m glad I have. My skin is always smooth after using it, I feel like it is improving some areas such as the back of my thighs and my elbows. Again you feel refreshed after using this and it leaves me wanting to just ask people to touch my arm so they can feel how smooth it is! Combined with the Body lotion these two will leave you so smooth and soft.

Lets Spritz Body Mist


This one of my favourites from the line. I enjoy body sprays and body mists, so I was really happy to pick this up! This product just reminds me of summer, although the line is called Tutti Fruity, it is supposed to have a summery feel to it too. What’s great about a spritz is that you can use as much as you want. Unlike a strong perfume, this won’t be overwhelming. It’s something you can keep in your bag and top up as you need throughout the day! The scent is hard to describe, which is true for most of the line. That might just be, but I don’t get a clear smell coming through. It has a blend of blueberry and acai berry in the line,those scents combined are lovely, fruity and not harsh at all. Sometimes one too many sprays of a perfume or even other body sprays become overwhelming. This does not do that at all. I highly recommend this one.

Foam Sweet Foam Shower Gel


I really wanted to try the shower gel as I have said I do get more showers then baths. However, there isn’t really much I can say about this shower gel. For some reason I just don’t get a strong enough scent from it. I have used other shower gels that when you use them you instantly get the scent and it stays with you, and on your skin even after you are dry. That is what I look for in my shower gels, and though there was a good amount of foam and it certainly didn’t smell bad. I just didn’t feel overwhelmed with excitement about this product. I think it is lovely if you want to combine some of the others for a gift set, but I don’t think I would buy this particular one again. That being said, it is still a nice smell so if you wanted a more subtle shower gel this would be perfect, and it lives up to its name as it does produce a lot of foam, which I like.

Kissy Missy Lip Balm


The final product! I will start by saying this lip balm is very, very pink! It is a gorgeous shade that works for a lot of different skin tones, and what’s also lovely is that you can wear it just to highlight your lips, or really layer it on and get a bright lip. When I first tested this lip balm my mum complimented me on my lipstick! She though it was an actual lipstick and loved the colour, so within an hour of wearing it I received a compliment. I will say that I find the consistency a little strange. It’s not like vaseline lip balm that glides on, but that being said, the colour is so vibrant I would expect a slightly different consistency. I do feel as though my lips did look dry at times with this, but that said I have tried it several times and found that for the most part it works great. What I love about this, is that it is unlike many other lip balms I have tried before, and if you like having a little colour on your lips it will certainly brighten your look up.


This is what a little dap of it looks like

These are my thoughts on the individual products, as a range together I think Zoella has done a great job. The packaging is gorgeous, the products aren’t tested on animals which is something I look for, and it is very summer appropriate. (Though the UK summer seems to have finished).


Would I buy these again? Yes, but not all of the range. I would definitely buy the Body lotion, lip balm and scrub again, but as for the rest, I’m not too sure. Whilst I wanted to really love these products as I am a fan of Zoella, I don’t think all the products would become a staple in my beauty cupboard. I feel as though they cater more teenagers, as some fun bath and body products for them to enjoy.I will say that this is a very reasonably priced range as well which is a nice change to seeing over priced products. But if you want to give them a go I do really recommend popping to superdrug and seeing what you think! If I could recommend one product for you to try, it would be the Candy Cream Body Lotion!

Thanks for reading everyone…let me know if you have tried the range!






  1. August 24, 2015 / 3:22 pm

    What a great post!!! Just followed you can’t wait to see more of your posts

    • August 24, 2015 / 3:27 pm

      Aww thank you so much! That means a lot 🙂 Hopefully you enjoy my future posts x

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