The Body shop Vitamin C Glow: Review

Hi Everyone,

So I wanted to discuss the new additions to the Body Shop Vitamin C line. I have been using the Vitamin C range for around 3 years now, and not only do I love the benefits of using it, but I also love the scent it has, its refreshing and has that gorgeous fresh orange smell.  When I saw the Body Shop had released new products in this line, I had to try it! The new Vitamin C Glow boosting moisturiser and the Vitamin C instant glow enhancer are great additions to this line. So lets discuss these new products.

Vitamin C Glow boosting moisturiser:


I have to say, this is very different from a lot of other moisturiser’s out there, including the current moisturiser I have been using from the Vitamin C line. What immediately strikes you about this product is the colour when you open the pot. It’s a gorgeous shade of orange, with an almost sorbet feel to it, this is a moisturiser that you almost want to taste as it looks so good. However, if you decide to use this on your face instead of your tongue, what you will find is that it feels instantly refreshing  and cool on your face. It does have a slightly stickier feel than what I am used to with the more cream based moisturisers’, but once you let it settle in, this blends into your skin quickly and I truly can see a brighter complexion. I do really like this product, but I do as recommended and use this only as a daytime moistrusier, I find that the alternative moistrusier in the Vitamin C line works better for me at night, or I use coconut oil.

Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer:


The Vitamin C instant glow enhancer is something I haven’t really come across before, but as it does advertise that it will brighten and enhance your skin from looking dull I thought I would give this a go. As you can see this also has a strong orange colour, so applying this to your face does feel quite strange. It sinks in very easily, and with orange tone of this cream, you do see a change in your skin quite quickly. I wouldn’t really say I can see a glow to my skin, but that might just be my personal experience. I do see an overall improvement in my skin tone, which may a slight glimmer of the ‘glow’ they promise. I personally would have to see more of a change to invest in this product again, but I will continue to use it and see if my skin does improve over time and use.

Thanks for reading everyone, and if you have used these products yourself let me know your experience with them!





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