Red lipstick…Why every girl should find their perfect shade


Today I wanted to discuss a favourite beauty staple of mine and a love of mine in general, the red lip! I have always loved seeing girls rocking a red lipstick, and I was completely jealous that I couldn’t seem to find a shade I liked or suited me. What I love about red lipstick, is that it makes a statement, but at the same time is quite subtle. When trying this look you will undoubtedly keep your eye makeup to a minimum which gives the lipstick that stand out feel.

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I searched time and time again for a lipstick that would suit me, and for years I never liked one enough to purchase it. It wasn’t until I was at the Lancome counter for my usual Hypnose star mascara, that I was given some free samples and finally found a fantastic shade. I am so thankful for this lipstick, as every time I wear it, I feel confident, sexy and I always receive compliments on the shade. I found my perfect shade, which is L’Absolu rouge in shade 132 and so can you! I do recommend trying different brands, different shades and experimenting until you find what makes you feel your most confident self.

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Red lipstick makes anyone feel beautiful and sexy, so why not start looking for yours 🙂





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