I am Tired…


This is a really crappy time. It’s been a difficult time for all of us and to be honest I’ve been relatively ok during lockdown. However, it has been tough at times, really tough. But honestly I think this week in particular has made me so fed up with people and the world.

As someone from the UK, I think it’s safe to say we are extremely frustrated with the prime minister and government as a whole. The way they have insulted all of us, that have complied with lockdown is honestly shocking. It is an insult to the many people who have avoided seeing their family for weeks and weeks, an insult to the many people who had 10 people or less at a loved ones funeral, and an insult to the key workers who have worked tirelessly throughout. The government are trying to brush aside what Dominic Cummings did very quickly and all they have done is offer their apologies for the hurt caused. This isn’t good enough!

I’m lucky in that I have stayed healthy, I don’t live alone and I’ve stayed fairly positive so far. But there are so many people who have lost parents or grandparents and have been unable to hug and comfort their family; there are even more people now relying on food banks, countless small businesses that may not exist soon and so many that are suffering. I’m not someone who gets angry easily, but this week I am.

When you look at other world leaders, such as Jacinda Ardern and how they have handled this virus, there really is no excuse for the way our country has handled things. Of course the selfish behaviour of people plays a huge part in this as well. Anyone continuing to have parties, large gatherings and believing they are immune are guilty of spreading this also. But the reality is, we did not act quick enough, and had mixed messages early on and throughout from the government. There has been too much loss already this year, for me personally and many others I know. I just want to see the people who lead this country take control and show that they are operating with the nation’s best interest at heart, rather than whatever might be happening behind closed doors.

Along with the issues with this virus taking place, I have been saddened and yet not surprised to see racism still being prevalent in the death of someone who did not deserve to die. It is likely you have seen the name George Floyd this week, and it is easy to see why. Mr Floyd was killed by police in the United States, this was a death that was completely avoidable, yet it happened. It happens every day, and I am tired!

If you don’t believe racism is still a major issue around the world, then you need only look at the murder of Mr Floyd and the reaction that the police had to the protesters who are looking for answers regarding his death. These protestors were armed with posters and peacefully standing up for justice, yet they were met with tear gas and violence. Compare this to the many (usually white) protestors from days and weeks prior who were fully armed with guns, who were protesting their anger towards the lockdown. These people with actual weapons did not have tear gas thrown at them, they were not met with anything, they could hold up traffic, storm buildings and still…nothing. It’s very tiring to see this play out and not for the first time. This happens everyday, we see a name trending on twitter and then these police officers get suspended, paid leave or fired. More often then not they do not get sent to jail. The cycle continues again and again. It was only last week we had the name Ahmaud Arbery trending instead, and it’s terrifying to wonder what the next name will be.

I just wonder what else it takes before we all wake up and say enough is enough! Whether that be to what seems to be a corrupt government in the UK or to the complete disregard for human life as well. This is a hard week to try and always see the positive side, to feel hopeful that change will come. Because for all the people that are angry like I am, there are always others that will justify the actions of the police or the actions of all the Amy Cooper’s of this world. We need people to be able to have a conversation about the injustices in this world, even if it makes you uncomfortable, or feel awkward.

I want to believe that one day everyone will be valued the same, every life will be worth the same, and we won’t need to protest or have a human being trending on twitter because they have lost their life unjustly.

If you want to see change, you have to be part of it. So wherever you live, look at the government that represents you, research the policies they set and if you agree, be aware of who you are voting for and start speaking with friends, family and your followers about these issues.

We all deserve respect, to be seen and to be heard; until that is shown to be true in our day to day lives, we need to keep talking.


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