Favourite Vegetarian Meals: Lunch

After my breakfast blog post, I thought I would continue with another post, but this time for some of my favourite lunch options for vegetarians. Lunch is a meal I really enjoy as well, I would say my least favourite meal is dinner. Not because I don’t enjoy dinner, but I have a strange appetite and dinner was never really my favourite, even growing up.

My lunch varies a lot, it depends on the plans I have and especially when I’m in work. But I am one of those people that needs some variety. As much as I wish I could meal prep and eat the same thing everyday, I just can’t. I need to have a few different options during the week for sure. Especially during this time, variety in the food I am eating is even more important.


Avo Brunch 

If I’ve got a bit more time, or over the weekend, I enjoy putting a bit more effort into my lunch. One of my favourite lunch options is Boiled/ Poached egg with avocado toast or on a bagel. This is a filling and healthy lunch to enjoy. For the avocado, I mash this up with a little lime juice, salt, pepper and chilli flakes. This is then spread on toast and sometimes topped with spinach or kale. I boil the eggs, so the yolk is still soft and top this with paprika and sometimes chia seeds.

I don’t eat avocado too often. I would like to eat it more as a good source of fat, but they are in high demand constantly and personally I don’t think the quality is great.  The avocados you see in the supermarket are tiny, as most of the time they pick them as soon as possible, before they are even fully grown, so it’s not an everyday occurrence for me.


Packed Salad

If I do have salad for lunch, I have to keep it interesting. I enjoy a mix of kale, spinach and lettuce and then the usual salad ingredients of cucumber and tomatoes. I will then add a mixture of nuts, hemp seeds, pumkin seeds and chia seeds. This provides healthy fat and a little crunch. One thing I also love in my salad is a little hint of sweetness with either a few grapes or apples. I have recently tried adding sweet peppers too and love the added crunch and colour!

I will either have a large portion of this salad with a source of protein, such as beans, boiled egg or quorn chicken. Of course a side of pitta bread and a dollop of hummus is always great on a salad too. I also love drizzling balsamic vinegar on the top.




Another fabulous lunch option which is a true staple for me is soup! I do try and make some lovely homemade soups, pea and potato would be my go to. But if I feel like buying one, the only soup I enjoy that is store bought, has to be the Cully and Sully range. They are so delicious, filling, healthy and just full of flavour. I have even bought some to keep in the freezer during quarantine and they still taste great when you are ready to defrost and dine. Tomato and basil will always be my favourite, which really says it all, because I’ve never been overly keen on tomato soup- this on however is lovely!

In the winter I also love making a big pot of vegetable soup from an old recipe, that is just what you need in colder months. But even with the sun shining lately, the cully and sully soups are so full of flavour I eat them whether rain or shine.


Jacket Potato

The jacket potato is a fantastic lunch because the combinations of toppings are endless! When I have a jacket potato, I want a large fully loaded potato to keep me full and satisfied. My go to is usually cheese and coleslaw with a big salad on the side. Occasionally a vegetarian chilli can be nice as well. I like to melt a little bit of the cheese in the potato and then top with even more grated cheese. This lunch keeps me full for a long time, and never gets boring.

Pick and Mix


For me, one of the best kinds of lunch is a mixture of all of the above. When you have friends over or even go for lunch, choosing a few of your favourites is the best kind of lunch for me. It’s one Vanille and I often do when we have a book club and catch up overnight. Salad, delicious bread, cheese, falafel, crisps…. the list goes on and on! Paired with some lovely wine, this is a treat kind of lunch for sure.

What are your favourite foods for lunch?





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