Liverpool Art Fair

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of attending a preview of the Liverpool Art fair 2019. This is an annual event that I always enjoy. Not only has the venue for the Art fair changed over the years, offering a new experience each time, the art itself is always a fabulous showcase of exciting, inspiring and creative artists. I love the Liverpool art fair, as it is a chance to showcase local artists and affordable art for those visiting.

This year the fair is taking place inside the Metquarter shopping mall and what a great space it is! During the event we were also treated to some lovely drinks and snacks from The Florist and 200 Degrees coffee, I did see a few cookies from the Hilton but sadly I didn’t actually grab one (I’ve always wondered about those famous cookies on check in).

Walking around the art fair was a really lovely experience. I happily sipped my bellini and strolled around, admiring all the fantastic art on display. No matter what your experience with art may be, I truly believe everyone can enjoy this event. Whether you are looking to buy art, or you just want to admire it, whether you can paint or sculpt or even if you can’t draw a line, this is a lovely way to spend a few minutes or a few hours. I enjoyed, assessed and took in as much of the art as I could. I particularly enjoyed wondering where the inspiration came from for each piece, as well as guessing what tools may have been used to create the work.

Drawing and painting is something I really enjoy (when I can find the time), so I find it incredibly inspiring to see the work these artists have put into each piece. Not only is it talent that creates these paintings and pieces, but it is also a very personal and sometimes emotional experience to create art. Walking through all of the art work, it’s easy to connect with many of the pieces. Personally I fell in love with a piece by Kirsten Todd and two pieces by Hazel Thomson. I love nature, so I instantly connected to the forest paintings, the way Hazel has captured the sunlight coming through the trees is absolutely stunning. It looks exactly like a part of Sefton park, which may be why I love it even more.

The piece by Kirsten Todd also captured my attention instantly, because of how bright and beautiful it is. Again there are natural elements to this painting with the gorgeous flowers and fruits incorporated. I honestly circled back to this painting so many times during the evening, wishing I had my own home where I could place this.

Kirsten Todd- Rise of the Divine Feminine


Hazel Thomson- Misty Morning in February

There are so many great pieces to see at this event so why not check it out! The Art fair will run from Friday 14th June – 1st September.

Kirsten Todd

Hazel Thomson

Check out their website for more details: Liverpool Art Fair



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