Little Love Book Club: Faking Friends

Well, well, well! The time really has ticked by for the latest book review. This was mainly down to Vanille and I having way too many plans, which therefore meant we couldn’t find a time to meet up and discuss the books we have read. But finally we managed to have a long weekend of catching up, reviewing books, drinking a little wine and enjoying puppy cuddles with her gorgeous boys. We were meeting up to discuss our latest read The Pilgrim, but unfortunately one us (me) couldn’t make it through that book. So I thought I would talk a little more about the previous read as we didn’t get round to meeting up for that one. (Life always gets in the way of book club!)

The book was called Faking Friends by Jane Fallon.

I myself have read a few books by Jane. I really enjoy them as they are a bit of an easy and enjoyable read, which is just what I needed during a time when I was studying and sitting another exam. This is the perfect book to read with a glass of wine on a rainy day. You could finish in a few days, or a weekend if you are determined enough. In Faking friends we meet Amy, who is an actress working in America whilst juggling her long distance relationship with her fiancé Jack. Amy is in the process of surprising Jack, by making an unexpected trip back to London. However, once back in her home, Amy realises that another woman has been staying in her flat and even worse than that, Amy knows exactly who the woman is… her best friend Melissa! Amy loses her fiancé and her best friend all in the space of one weekend, but rather than confronting them about what she knows to be true, Amy decides to get revenge instead.

What I like about this book, is that it doesn’t take long for us to connect with Amy and that’s important for this story as we really want to be rooting for her. Particularly as the betrayal is from her best friend, as you read the book, all you want is to make sure Amy puts Melissa in her place and gets her revenge and of course has a happy ever after ending. As mentioned, this is a relaxing read and therefore I found reading the book really enjoyable. As Amy researched and plotted her revenge, I was finding it hard to put down the book. Though Amy is somewhat naive in how she handles things, overall I enjoyed seeing her progressively figure out what her life would look like without these two important people in it. We see her seek new acting roles, make new friends and reignite old friendships and watch her grow. I will say that there were a few repetitive lines and jokes throughout that I found grating by the end,however this was only a minor thing I picked up on and really the only negative.

Without giving too much away, the book really explores how people can grow and adapt no matter what stage of their life. Amy woke up believing she had an amazing best friend and a loving future husband, yet in the space of one day, her life changed. I love that the book shows you what happens after a cheater is caught and more importantly, shows you that when people disrespect you, it doesn’t mean you have to just lay down and take it. What actually happens when you discover betrayal from those who should love you the most? This is what the book explores,along with some great revenge tips. It is a  great reminder of the growth we all go through, that sometimes shit happens in life but it’s how we handle it and more than anything, trust your gut!


Book rating – 8/10

Recommend – Yes

Read again –  Yes

*We also read The Pilgrim, however I couldn’t read beyond chapter 14… Vanille really enjoyed this book, but unfortunately I just could not get into it at all.




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