Life Happens

So just when I thought I was getting back to into the swing of my regular blog posts, life seems to have jumped in and pulled me in a few other directions. I have been a little busy as of late and that annoys me when my blog takes a back step. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel soon! I will completing another exam for my studies this week, and though my next module will start very soon, I want to make sure the posts are still regular. With that being said I wanted to talk about some new goals I am setting as with being busy, comes a lot of tiredness, not feeling like yourself sometimes and just not being the best you can be.

If I was asked to describe my life at the minute or just how I’m feeling, I would use the word tired. Tired from my studying, tired from revising and a little tired of life in general. It’s one of those times where you just feel a bit run down. But the good thing is, I can recognise that and say this is not what I want to feel like. I hate being moody or fed up and that’s why I am taking inspiration from all over the place to get me back to me!


Exercise for the body & mind 

A big thing for me at the start of the year and even before 2019 was to get back to doing yoga. I love yoga and think it can really make a difference to your mood and body. Lately however, I haven’t made the time to practice and this is something that needs to change. When I was doing yoga consistently I felt so much better and I want to get that feeling back, as well as improving my flexibility more and more.

As well as yoga, it is also important for me to set some new goals for fitness in general. I attend my barre classes which are great! But for me I want to do more and really shape up my body, as I feel that I’m not where I want to be fully. I made a goal for myself a while ago to get into the best shape of my life by the time I’m 30! With my birthday being already less than a year away, I think its time I make it happen.


Health from the inside out


Another part of reaching the fitness goal, is of course making sure what I put in my body is healthy, nutritious and good for me. I feel great when I reach for a kale salad rather than unhealthy choices that are laden with an abundance of calories or sugar. Yet when I get busy, I can get lazy with my food and that is a change I want to make and stick to. For a while I have watched the YouTube videos of Sarah’s day and followed her Instagram, and to me I just find her energy amazing! Sarah glows, is bursting with energy and just radiates health. From watching her videos, she has already inspired me to really focus on health first. The reality is, we all can forget that the food we eat plays such an important part to our health and filling my body with quick meals and a lack of freshness is not what I want. Now I probably won’t be going Paleo with my diet like Sarah is, but I have taken great inspiration to wake up everyday and treat my body well enough, to actually care what I eat.


Be kind to yourself

Another important thing for me to do as well, is be kind to myself. This means that if I need a little break to myself or time to just relax, I will take that time. Life can be full of endless plans and sometimes I find myself with no days fully to myself in weeks. I love seeing my friends and family but now and again, it’s also ok to say, actually I need a day to myself. Whether that means shamelessly staying in bed all day, booking a little spa treatment for yourself, or just going to read in the park and enjoy the quiet. I want to make sure I am always taking those little times to be on my own and chill out.

After a couple of weeks of feeling nonstop, I’m ready to put these goals into practice and be the best version of myself. Of course there will still be times when I may not make it to the gym, or when I have pizza. That’s normal and that’s life, but I don’t want that to become my normal again. Health is really important and it starts with taking care of yourself!

Why not write down what your own goals are in order to be the best you? Comment below!





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