Inspirational Women: Shay Mitchell

I always love finding people who inspire me, particularly when it’s a badass woman (then again aren’t we all badass?). I have been a fan of Shay Mitchell since pretty little liars and as much as I enjoyed her acting on the show, seeing a glimpse of how she lives her life through instagram, YouTube and snapchat just made me fall in love with Shay so much more.

I love the confidence Shay has, she is unapologetically herself and she is proud of who she is! I find Shay inspirational for her ability to be who she is and own it completely. But there are many other reasons to love and admire this woman.

Living life 

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As mentioned. I love how Shay lives her life. She exudes confidence in all that she does, whilst also being real. Yes Shay is beautiful, talented and we see a lot of what she gets up to in the glamorous side of her career. But we also see Shay enjoying pizza, having fun with her family and friends or just taking her dog for a walk. With so many people out there online trying to only show the very best of their lives and almost make their lives seem perfect, its refreshing to see Shay just live her life for her. That is something she often talks about. Yes, she curates her instagram a certain way, but that is for herself and for her enjoyment and Shay is very honest and clear how much work goes into any professional photos that she posts.

Now I know I may not have the travel bug as much as some people (a slight fear of flying will do that to you). But even so, I love that Shay travels so much and documents it all to her fans. We can all get a little stuck where we are and also forget how big of a world we live in, full of so many amazing people, different culture, languages, food and so much more! Shay allows her fans to explore the world with her. She doesn’t just book a 5 star hotel and sit there, she explores as much as possible and I love that! Especially for people who may not have the means to travel to all these places , its a beautiful thing to watch her Shaycation videos and go along for the ride.

Shay inspires people, myself included for many reasons. Whether you are looking for gym inspo, travel inspiration or even motivation in your career or how to be an entrepreneur!

Boss babe

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Shay is someone who wears many hats when it comes to her career. Shay is an actress, writer, Youtuber and most recently she became owner of her very own passion project Beis! This is a fashionable and affordable brand for travel luggage and accessories. Shay loves to travel, so it’s wonderful to see her follow her passion and that’s what is really inspiring. Shay doesn’t want to be put in one box, she isn’t just an actress or a model, Shay is both of those things and more! She is creating the life she wants, based on what she enjoys! I think if more of us did this also, we would all be a lot happier for it.

Perhaps it is easier to say that Shay is able to do these things because she is well-known. But I disagree. There are plenty of others in the spotlight or who simply have  a lot of money, yet things they put their name to don’t always take off. People respond to things others are passionate about and it shows in everything Shay does.


Pump it up

Shay is a big advocate for exercise. Not for just the physical benefits, but more so for her mind. I find her work ethic and approach to exercise such a great inspiration. When Shay posts her workouts, not only does it encourage me to get my own butt moving more, but she makes it clear that she works hard for her body and to be able to enjoy food! Shay loves pasta, pizza and dessert just like the rest of us, but she shows that she also makes sure she balances that by pushing herself. I love that she uses her platform to not only showcase that she puts in the hard work to look that great, but also to encourage others, particularly younger girls and boys that exercise should be part of our lives to truly lead a balanced and healthy life…something I need a reminder of myself some days.

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Just between us

I started listening to a podcast called ‘Just between us’ when it launched and I was so excited when I saw Shay was to be a guest a few weeks later. I listened to that podcast and it was if I fell in love with Shay all over again. Shay speaks about herself and her life in such a way that you can’t help but crave that same joy and energy! Even just through listening to her words, she just seemed to radiate happiness and energy. Throughout the episode I felt myself nodding in agreement and truly admiring Shay and the life she has created. Though there is only a few years between us, Shay seems so wise and so sure of herself that I came away from the episode wanting to take control of the life I am creating and more importantly taking care of myself better! I highly recommend you give her episode a listen, which you can do here.

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Shay is a determined, funny, strong, gorgeous and of course inspiring woman. I find myself wanting to check her social pages just to see what she’s up to! I’m excited to see what Shay does next, because I am sure that whatever she sets her mind to, it will be amazing. So whether you are in a little bit of a rut, need a kick up the butt to start living life a little more or just need a smile, think about ‘What would Shay do next?’ and get out there and do it!




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