Take a minute

So December is here. With that comes a sudden rush of everything at once. Finishing your Christmas shopping, meeting with friends, celebrating the holidays and counting down before we say our goodbyes to 2017.

Though this last month of the year is always full of excitement and fun (hello prosecco). It can easily go from party season to stress central. It’s so important to take a minute, an hour or hell even an entire day to regroup, give yourself some ‘me time’ and make sure this remains a truly fun and special time of the year.

For me, I relax with reading a book, having a coffee or green tea by my side and not thinking about anything else but that moment. If not a great little coffee shop, it’s a face mask and a glass of wine to help me chill out. Whatever helps you to truly unwind and stop overthinking, it’s so important to give yourself time during the week to do those things; even if it just taking 30 minutes of laying down and chilling out. No music, no noise, just a moment of peace.


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