Why a Wardrobe clear out is what I needed


For the longest time, I have been living in a room that is overflowing with junk, clothes, and a pile of stuff that is clear evidence to someone who has outgrown their space. Unintentionally I had given up on clearing up after myself, knowing I had no space to put these things when I attempted to tidy. This went on for so much time, until my sister decided to buy her own home, and move out of our family home.

Though I definitely felt sad to see her go, and very envious that she was in a place to buy her own home, by herself, I was also excited for the chance to clear out my own space. My parents offered me my sister’s old room, so that I could make some much-needed space. I decided to make this a work space/ Wardrobe, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

A future post is coming for what I fully did with the space, but today, I just wanted to talk about how therapeutic a wardrobe clear out has been for me.


For my birthday I decided to ask for the famous book ‘The life changing magic of Tidying up‘, and I honestly cannot recommend it enough. This book is so good, just to get you motivated, and understand why tidying is so important to you. I knew it was time my wardrobe needed to be emptied, and needless to say I was pretty brutal. Within 30 minutes I had filled three bin bags of clothes, and also felt as though a weight had been lifted.

Looking through all of your items and deciding what exactly still brings you joy, what you love to wear, and what really is tired and never to be worn again is a great way to clear your mind, and room! After successfully saying goodbye to nearly 5 bags of clothing, my wardrobe is now something I enjoy looking at again. I love selecting items I want to wear that week from my rail. I love opening my wardrobe doors, and seeing calm, and order, and actually be able to see what clothes I own.

Getting ready has become easier, and actually more fun, I love stepping into my little haven of clothes, and peaceful space. Starting from the outside sometimes really can be the beginning of changing your internal feelings and mindset.




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