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Hi everyone,

Recently I uploaded a YouTube Video discussing where I want to be in the future. I enjoy setting goals, and strongly believe we all should. Goals help to keep you focused, and to have something to work towards. I don’t set many short-term goals, but for me there are a few Long term goals that I hope to achieve.

Self Employed 

Another huge and probably ambitious goal for me is to be my own boss. I really believe in myself and my work ethic, and truly believe that self employment is where I see myself heading. I’m not sure in what way I will achieve this goal, but it something I have thought about for the last few years, and a goal I really want to work on achieving in the near future.


Home owner 


This is probably my biggest goal, and the one I really want to achieve for myself. I can visualise the home i want, and I can clearly see how it would be furnished, and decorated. I do really believe in the power of visualising and positive thinking, so that is what I focus on. Obviously a hell of a deposit is kind of important too, but this is a goal that I am very determined to achieve.



I firmly believe happiness in yourself and your life is also something that should always be an important goal. You can have the largest house, the best car and a lot of money, but what is that without happens and people to share it with. There are very few times, when I actually feel very down or sad but when I do, it stays with me for a few days. I hate that feeling, and when you feel sad, it makes people around you feel the same. I hope that wherever life takes me, I am smiling and have happiness in my life.


Success – Writing and Blogging 


I have always enjoyed writing in one form or another. Whether in a diary, poems, stories or of course blog posts. In the future  I would like to continue this and take it further. I would really love to see my blog thrive and gain in readership, and to connect with people through writing. As someone who loves to read, I know what a great book can do to inspire, lift your mood, make you cry and laugh, it is amazing to find a book and characters that you love, perhaps one day I could create a world that others would fall in love with too.





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