Holiday Countdown: Essential Hand luggage


Now it may have been a hot minute since my last trip abroad, but one thing I remember well, is how important your hand luggage is. Whether on a short 2 hour flight or a 10 hour long-haul, your hand luggage is your life saver.

So what are some of my hand luggage essentials? Read just a few below:


You won’t be getting very far without this absolute essential. Keeping your passport close and safe is so important, I like to keep mine in a safe compartment of my hand luggage along with that all important plane ticket.


Magazines and Books

I take a book with me everywhere, so of course on a flight with not much to do besides fill myself with fear, reading is a great way to pass the time. I love to mix it up between a fun magazine, with everything from quizzes and true confessions, to a beautiful novel I can get lost in.



So airport security is obviously getting a lot stricter these days, so taking a huge water bottle and tons of food isn’t really going to go down well. Depending on the length of the flight, I like to eat before the long wait at the airport, but a few essential snacks are needed. My go to are the Belvita breakfast biscuits, fruit, a drink (once past security) and of course a few sweets!


When books and the company I’m with get a little tiresome, a good old game on my phone to pass that time is also a great way to keep yourself entertained. Particularly on the plane departing from merry old England, this is also the last time I will probably be looking at my phone for a week or two, as I like to fully turn to holiday mode and aside from the odd text home to make sure they know I’m alive, texting is a big no-no.


What are your flight essentials? Let me know below…



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