Inspirational Women: Louise Rennison

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If you knew me at the age of 12, and all of my teenage life in fact, you will know that when I wasn’t in school or asleep I was either watching Friends or reading a Louise Rennison book. Myself and one of my close friends Lauren were literally obsessed with the Georgia Nicholson book series. They were everything a teenager could need. Hilarious, relatable, well written and encouraging to me to know that those crazy thoughts and struggles I was experiencing were completely normal. I adored these books so much, that I have lost count how many times I have read them, well into the 20’s or 30’s I am sure.

Georgia was everything, and I truly believe that she really was a reflection of Louise Rennison herself. I wanted to talk about this wonderful author because she really was a huge part of my life growing up. Something that became evident when I learned that she passed away. I was happily scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw a headline from  Glamour magazine stating that Louise has died at the age of 65, I immediately burst into tears, which shocked me. When it comes to death I don’t seem to cry, at least not in public, but I was truly shocked. It was in that moment when I realised how much I loved those books and Louise.

Louise Rennison was the voice of teenage girls everywhere. Her writing was fun, honest and beautiful. Now and again I still read a Georgia book, still laughing at the same sections, and imagining the joy that Louise must have had reliving her teenage years writing these books. Beyond the Georgia books, all of Louise’s books have a constant theme, and that is they are clearly written from the heart. Louise Rennison will always be an inspiration to me because quite frankly her writing, will always stay with me. My teenage years were far brighter and full of laughter because of her. Lousie inspires me to write, in every sense. Not only blog posts, but journals and diaries that I have been keeping since I was 12, and perhaps a book of my own one day.

If you do anything today, than please give a moment to read even a paragraph of one Louise Rennison’s books. It will put a smile on your face, and if not you, than buy a book for your niece, daughter, cousin, son. These books had a such a happy effect on my life, and I hope they continue to do in the future for others.

Thank you for reading everyone! My thoughts of with Louise’s friends, family and fans forever.





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