Why I Love My ‘Me’ Time


At this moment in time, I am sitting at a small table in The Garden by leaf, sipping a rose lemonade, wrapped in a chunky cardigan and watching rain trickle down on the window outside as I type whilst listening to Alex Aiono and I couldn’t be happier. I am by myself, and I honestly love it.

I think a lot of people struggle with being alone, whether that is living by yourself, having lunch alone or spending any significant time alone at all. Perhaps it is down to the fact that I live in a house with five other people and find it rare to get an afternoon to myself never mind a whole day, but I love spending time alone. I can happily eat lunch by myself, whether armed with a book to read, or just enjoying people watching as I do it. I’m not sure I would want to take myself for a romantic dinner by myself, but a lunch, breakfast or coffee is absolute bliss.

I truly believe allowing yourself to have some ‘Me’ time, is essential for your own sanity and a great way to recharge. We spend such a large amount of time with a lot of people. Whether in our jobs, on the commute home, surrounded by family, nights out with friends, when you really think about it, alone time is sometimes hard to come by. I love taking a long walk to the park, sitting with music in my ears and a coffee, or sometimes even just laying back on my bed and just taking a few minutes to stop and day-dream.



Next time you are planning your week, or even your day, why not make some time for yourself. Do something that is just for you, whether that is a bike ride, window shopping, watching a film or writing. Make sure to always check in with yourself, make sure you are doing ok, and get to know yourself a little more. Remember no one knows you better than yourself, and creating a little more ‘Me’ time is essential.

Thank you for reading everyone!





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