Inspirational Women: Rochelle fox – Meditation master and positivity cheerleader

This blog for me is a chance to share things I love, whether that be makeup, books I’m loving, or just talking about what I’m up to. What I also love to talk about are women that inspire me, and that I look to for motivation, positivity and also great work ethic. So today I wanted to talk about one of the most positive ladies I have been watching on YouTube recently, Rochelle Fox.

I first saw Rochelle when she appeared in a Pointlessblog vlog (aka: Alfie Deyes), she was travelling all over the world, and stopped by to visit Brighton for a few days. From the minute Rochelle appeared on-screen, I just thought she was so happy, bright and beautiful. Rochelle is a meditation teacher, and also has a wonderful YouTube channel that is full of mediation tips, as well as showing herself and her boyfriend really enjoying life. Every time I watch one of her videos, I always come away feeling happy and looking forward to taking on the day. I am a positive person in my life, but every now and again when I am feeling a little less than chipper, I love watching videos of someone like Rochelle who is making the best out of life.
I also love that her focus is so much on meditation. This is something that has always interested me, so watching Rochelle talk through the benefits of meditation and seeing how happy she seems to be as a result has motivated me to give it a try. I love her videos and her tips for making the most out of each day. There are a lot of women who inspire me, and who I look up to, and I really want to spend some time celebrating each and every one. Though I have only been a subscriber to Rochelle for a short time, she is endlessly inspiring, as well as being a fantastic role model for health, and happiness.

So if you need a little bit of happiness to brighten your day, than give her videos a watch, because Rochelle is the definition of positive vibes.


If you want to follow Rochelle, her links are below:

Twitter- Rochelle_fox

YouTubeRochelle Fox 




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