Holiday Countdown: The perfect books for a holiday read



A holiday is the perfect time to put down your phone, switch off your laptop and enjoy the beautiful location you are in. But between plane rides and taxi shuttles, taking a book or two is the perfect way to pass the time. I think light reads and even Young adult novels work great for a holiday book, but I have also listed a few of my personal favourites to take with you!

1.The Greatest love story of all time – Lucy Robinson

This book without a doubt is one of the most laugh out loud inducing books I have ever read. It is witty, heartfelt, hilarious and beautiful all at once. Don’t let the title fool you, this is not a romance novel gone wild. It is a very realistic view on dating, single life, online dating and friendship. I found this book on the book shelf of my local supermarket, I liked the cover and so threw it in my basket. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made, because since then I have read everything else by Lucy Robinson ( who recently revealed this was a pseudonym). I will continue to read her novels because they are fantastic, real and full of twists. This is a perfect book for a holiday read.


2. The Secret life of bees– Sue Monk kind

This may seem an unusual choice, but I have added The secret life of bees, because not everyone wants a love story to read, and perhaps if you are in the mood for something slightly grittier this is for you. The story follows Lily as she escapes her abusive father along with her maid Rosaleen and winds up living with an eclectic family who are also beekeepers. Lily is a young white female, the Boatwright family are black, and they are living in the South of america in 1964. Throughout the book, both Lily and the Boatwright family are met with trouble, heartache and a great deal to overcome. I love this book, it has a beautiful message, and a strong plot line that will keep you gripped.


3. Water for elephants – Sara Gruen

Water for Elephants is a truly wonderful book to read, and one that I highly recommend. Though there is romance blended into this book, at the heart of it, this is really a story centred around one man, Jacob. Jacob was on the path of success, studying to be a vet and to help run the family veterinary practice with his father. That is until he is devastated to learn his parents have been in a car crash. His world falls apart, and Jacob drops out of school. Jacob finds himself on board a train, but not just any train. This is the train belonging to the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth! A circus show. Jacob goes on a journey on the train, not only falling in love, but becoming a protector for the animals in the show, that are being mistreated. One animal in particular Jacob really takes to, Rosie, the elephant. Not only is this a story of survival, it is gripping in its tense scenes, build up of feelings and emotions for Jacob and his love interest, and most of all a story of the great friendship between man and animal. At times this was difficult to read, as an animal lover, but so worth it, because it is fantastic, with a beautiful ending!

4. All of the bright places- Jennifer Niven

I have talked about this book already on my blog, so no surprise it is here on my list. I know you may be thinking this book would be a little sad for a fun trip away. But for all the heartache it holds, I find this book uplifting and unique. Jennifer writes Violet and Finch absolutely perfectly. In a way that makes you feel as though they have always been in your life. Reading through their journey is wonderful, joyful, devastating and beautiful all at once. I recommend this because once you start reading you won’t want to stop, what better way to pass the time on your place ride then glued to a love story like no other.


5. Marley and Me – John Grogan

Ok now you must really think I am trying to leave you all in tears on this holiday of yours, but hear me out. Firstly, this book is slightly less heartbreaking when you have already seen the film. Secondly, it is doubly as enjoyable when you hear in John Grogan’s own words and in greater detail all of the amazing stories and memories of Marley. If you own a dog, or any pet for that matter I highly suggest this book. If you don’t own a dog, I seriously think there is a good chance you may want to after reading this. For anyone who hasn’t seen the film, this is a book written by John Grogan about his life, particularly after he and his wife decide to get a puppy, who they name, Marley. John recounts the years of torture, humour and comfort that Marley brings to their home and their family. It is beautiful written, and I feel as though it is like one big love letter to every pet that ever existed, and that has ever touched your heart. You may shed a tear, but it is wonderful, and I highly recommend. (Perhaps just read the last few pages in the comfort of your hotel room…)


I personally have enjoyed all of these books at different times in my life, I would happily take them on a plane with me, and even though I have read them before, I actually find that quite comforting, especially since I have a fear of flying. New books are great, but coming back to the characters again really makes a journey so much easier, and enjoyable.

If you have any suggestions of your own please let me know in the comments!





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