What makes you feel beautiful?


Beauty is hard to define. Some view beauty as only what is on the surface, others view the beauty of a person’s mind, and some concentrate on the beauty of the world around us. There are so many factors that make you feel beautiful, what you see as beautiful and how we as a society view beauty, especially when it comes to a persons appearance.

For Today’s post I wanted to share 10 things that make me feel beautiful and a few things that I find beautiful too.

I feel beautiful when…

I have a good night’s sleep

I feel happy

I am completely relaxed

My niece smiles at me

In a beautiful piece of clothing

In my makeup

Without my makeup

I can be myself

I’m smiling

I receive a compliment

I feel loved

Five things I find beautiful

Beautiful eyes


Summer nights



Thank you for reading, please let me know in the comments what makes you feel beautiful?



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