Liverpool Bloggers: Christmas blues bash 


So today I wanted to talk about a bloggers event I attended recently. This was the Liverpool bloggers – Christmas Blues party, and actually my first blogger party or event, so I was pretty excited. I’m actually quite relaxed with meeting new people and making small talk, so I wasn’t overly nervous about introducing myself and making conversation. So what happened at the Liverpool bloggers event? Keep reading… 🙂

We started the evening with a little get to know you time, mingling and small talk. We were also greeted with a little jar of candy floss to enjoy, which was a lovely touch, before taking part in a cocktail making class. This was really fun actually, as the event took place in Revolution, it was a great opportunity to see what goes into their fabulous cocktails. It was also great to meet some other people who blog, and who share your interests 🙂 I will talk more about the masterclass in a separate post, but it was really fun and obviously delicious cocktails were had!



After the fun and games of the masterclass we enjoyed a few nibbles which included pizza, chips, mini burgers and chicken bites (Plenty of veggie stuff for me too). We also took some time to write out personal messages to one another, and our information of where to find our blog and other social media, if we wanted to. I really enjoyed this bit, as it was so lovely to receive such kind messages, all the ladies where lovely. Though we didn’t have lots of time to chat in-depth, it was great to meet some other bloggers who don’t mind you taking 20 pictures and understand the worries you have over your blog posts, content, images and everything in between.



We received a lovely goody bag to take home with us, courtesy of a few different brands, so I promise to let you know any products, I really loved over the coming weeks. The fact that these brands were kind enough to offer these gifts is lovely enough, so I want to make sure to use the products or visit the places properly before offering my opinion.

It was a fantastic evening, we laughed, we talked, we certainly drank and even had a little dance at the end. This evening was just a lovely way to truly show why we should all show support to one other, get to know people and just take new chances. Going to any kind of event alone is a little daunting, but we had a great evening and I really loved meeting the ladies 🙂

I would just like to thank the following brands and people:

Noctua// Gifts for me and you// The vintage corner// Inky trail// Beauty bazaar// Revolution St Peters square// Liverpool bloggers- Steph Bewley

Thanks for reading everyone!




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