The Tone it up challenge: Week 4 

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We are here! The half way point of the challenge has arrived, and I’m feeling good. As I said in the beginning, for me this isn’t about how many pounds I can lose as weight isn’t overly important to me, but I wanted to see how I was progressing at this stage just to keep track, so I have taken measurements and my current weight. I know a lot of tone it up members do this as well, so really it’s just a little boost to spur you on for the remaining 4 weeks.

This week I was a little concerned that I would struggle adjusting to a new work pattern, as I started my new job, and it was varied start hours. But surprisingly I did somehow drag myself out of bed, even as early as 5.30am some mornings to get my Booty call (morning workout) in 🙂 in really proud that I did manage to do this, but to be honest we are all very capable, it’s just when excuses come into play we get lazy.

I really don’t want to look back at these 8 weeks and think I could have done so much better, so I am really am sticking to all the meals as much as I can and all of the workouts.

This could not be more true than this week, because even though I have never, ever enjoyed sprouts, I did include them in the tone it up recipe they were required for and not only did I eat them but actually quite enjoyed them! That’s what I love about the challenge it really does get you doing things you didn’t think you could, and trying things you didn’t think you would. The week has been pretty good, but it’s around this time when you don’t really feel or see much change in your body, you may start to get back into old habits such as excessive snacking, fast food, or giving up on workouts and that’s why it is important to keep motivated and be patient.

That being said, as mentioned I did do a little progress check for my self, as many others in the tone it up community do. At the beginning of the challenge we weigh ourselves and take measurements for our arms, torso, waist, chest and hips.

At this point I have lost 5 inches from my torso, waist and hip areas and 2 pounds.

I’m pretty happy with that, and I’m feeling stronger each week, although I really still can’t do push ups at all! As I said in week one, I’m not focusing too much on my weight, but any pounds lost is just a little bonus!

Let’s see where I am by week 8 🙂

Thanks for reading everyone. If you are on the healthy plan, let me know how it’s going and what is keeping you motivated!






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