Expanding my Illamasqua collection


As some of you know, I decided a few months ago to move away from any beauty products or skin care that test on animals, and I was so pleased to finally try the wonderful products from Illamasqua, who are firmly against animal cruelty.

I have absolutely loved the liquid foundation and powder foundation from the brand and I have received so many compliments when wearing this foundation, with many asking what foundation it is! With that being said I had been meaning to add more products to my collection for some time now. I recently took a trip to the Illamasqua store and bought myself some Christmas gifts! (We all buy ourselves something don’t we?) I wanted a new primer and as I have also recently finished my concealer I decided to pick some up. After speaking with the wonderful ladies in the store and trying out the concealer, as well as getting some much-needed advise on the which primer to go with, I made my purchases. The store actually had a deal so you can pick up a Illamasqua veil, concealer and foundation at a discount. Although I don’t currently need a foundation I thought that stocking up would be worth while!



I can’t wait to properly start using these products and letting you all know what I think! If the foundation is any indication of what’s to come I predict that I will love these new products as much as the foundation.






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