Getting crafty- How I like to relax whilst being creative

Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to talk about my love for all things creative. I think hobbies are great, not only to be able to enjoy something other than television but also a great way to express yourself. So I’m talking about the ways I love to get creative and hopefully inspire you to do the same and step away from technology now and again:



A scarf I made a few years ago

I love knitting, I’ve been knitting for a few years now. My mum taught me when I wanted to knit a blanket, that is still yet to be finished. But I then moved on to scarves, and finally managed to learn how to make hats last year. I went slightly hat mad! But knitting is relaxing, productive and has endless possibilities of what you can make. Socks, toys, clothes, anything!


I have taken piano lessons for a number of years now. Taking exams and just enjoying my lessons and progressing at my own speed. Music is such a big part of everyone’s life. You always get butterflies, sad, happy, or every feeling at once when you hear a great song that is significant to you. I love that I can play some of these myself, or even create music as well. Though I haven’t spent a lot of time songwriting it is a great hobby, and music is always a great way to relax.


Writing for me isn’t something I do as often as I would like. I have always kept a diary, or a journal and I love that I can look back at those times and my thoughts. But I also have times when I write stories, or poems when feeling inspired. It’s a really great way to express yourself if you don’t feel like talking.



Obviously this blog enables me to take pictures on a regular basis, but I love viewing the work of others and taking my own photographs. What better way to remember amazing moments, or capture a wonderful scenery than with a picture that will last forever! I don’t you have to even take images yourself, but enjoying the great photographs that are out there is wonderful. Furthermore, with your own pictures you get to be even more creative with scrap booking, making your own frames, creating collages and it’s something everyone can enjoy.

Why not make time for something creative, you’ll be surprised how it can make you feel better, more relaxed and productive!





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