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Hi everyone,

So today I wanted to talk about another favourite book of mine ‘The reader’ by Bernhard Schlink. This is a fantastic book! The story is interesting, heartbreaking and full of twists and turns you don’t see coming. I want to recommend this story because it is a very interesting read, not only does the book centre around the two main characters Hanna and Michael but it also has a large focus on Germany from the point of view of the post war generations and how they deal with the aftermath of the Holocaust.

The book is split into three parts, all told from Michael’s perspective at different stages in his life. The story initially focuses on the relationship that develops between Michael and Hanna, this in itself is not an average relationship. Michael first meets 36-year-old Hanna when he is 15. Which of course means that the relationship must be kept a secret from everyone he knows, as we get to know them better, it is clear Hanna is hiding something, and is quite distant with Michael even though they share such intimate moments. This secret is partly why Hanna suddenly disappears, this leaves Michael with many unanswered questions and also damages his relationship with other women in the future. We later pick up with Michael when he is in law school, where he is part of a group of students chosen to witness and study a war crimes trial. Throughout part two and three we see Michael revisit his relationship with Hanna in his mind, questioning her motives, her secret and behaviour. Without giving too much away, we will definitely see Hanna again, but no longer in the romantic, way that young Michael first saw her as. There is a secret surrounding Hanna, and one that will test Michael as well as her!

I actually read this book in one day, which shows you just how much happens in quite a small book. It is a page turner at its finest, absolutely beautifully written and definitely made me cry more than once. I love this book, and highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read it. I have to also give praise to the film adaptation as it stars Kate Winslet one of my favourite actresses, who brings Hanna to life in a fantastic way. Both film and book are sensational, so if you need a good read than why not give this a go 🙂

Thanks for reading everyone. What are your favourite books you can recommend?





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