Rainy days…


Hope everyone is having a good Saturday.

I decided to add Rainy days to my Love list! The idea of rain doesn’t always fill anyone with joy. But I think if you approach anything with a positive attitude then it usually turns out a lot better.

Today I started the day very early! I couldn’t sleep so I decided to clean instead. (Yes, I am a distant relative of Monica Gellar). After a few hours I had a break, relaxed and contemplated what to do with the afternoon. I am from Liverpool, and today we have had some very miserable rain. Initially you may see rain and decide to stay in doors, watch some TV and call it a day. I do have those times as well. But as I needed to run an errand, I decided to head out, into the city centre. After picking up some flowers for my sister, I thought I would have some time to myself and just enjoy it, regardless of the rain. I looked in some shops, and at a few beauty counters. I didn’t find anything on this occasion which is shame as I want to try some new make up products (Possibly do a few reviews in later blogs). But then I settled down in one of my favourite spots to read and enjoy some comfort food, the kind that rain usually makes you crave.

I went to Fact cinema, but within that is the amazing little space called The Garden by Leaf. If anyone has been to Leaf, you will know they specialise in fabulous teas of all kinds, with wonderful flavours to try. Today I went with the Orange and Passionfruit, as well as a goats cheese and red pepper sandwich. Delicous!

What is great about the Garden is that whilst the staff are wonderful, they also don’t hover over you. Which means I was able to enjoy reading my book and sipping my tea at my own pace. I can’t praise Leaf enough so if you ever need a place to unwind I suggest this as a must. I haven’t even mentioned the most appealing reason to give it a try. They have the BEST chocolate brownies! I am a brownie fanatic so when I say these brownies are delicious I mean it.

Right now, I am sitting at home, fire lit and tea in hand. All in all a productive day, and definitely worth going out in the rain for!

Have a great night everyone.





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