Happy Monday! (Bank holiday…yay)

I wanted to share another favorite of mine to add to my love list! I’m all about the love today guys 🙂

Baking is something that I want to share as a love of mine, because it is just something that I find really, enjoyable. I have always loved baking, I’m sure almost everyone had some experience making fairy cakes or corn flake cakes with our families as children. But even from an early age I was drawn to baking cakes and found it quite relaxing.

Throughout the years I have continued to do so, and only really stopped doing it regularly, because making cakes or brownies is great until you realise your family are sick to death of having to eat the sugary treats every week! But recently I made a cake for a very good friend of mine as a surprise for her baby shower, and honestly I fell in love all over again. Though it was far more ambitious as I was making a two tier fondant cake, (something I have never done) I was ready for the challenge!  After lots of pinterest searching  and a trip to Lakeland and Tesco I was all set. Let me tell you, cake supplies are not cheap! But I think if you are enjoying yourself then why not indulge every now and again. Although the cake was a gift, I know I will get so much use in the future with the tins, fondant coloring, decorating kit, help book… yes I may have bought a little too much (oops). But to be honest that is something I do. I’m the type of girl who will buy the same top in three different colors as I like it that much. I’m the girl who spends too much in The Body shop and only regrets it a week later when I can’t buy anything else.

Anyway, back to the baking 🙂 I set juggling making the cakes, as well as cupcakes around my job which is a typical Monday to Friday affair. The result of which meant I was still awake at 1am finishing my decorating and cupcakes. Not ideal, but hey I made it, and my friend was very happy. I think that’s what i really love about baking though. You get to be creative and watch this creation come together, I also love to make people smile, so if they enjoy my baking then so much the better. Of course the best part is you then get to eat it! You get to indulge in your creative project, yummy!

You can see that the cake is by no means perfect, but I’m really proud for a first attempt at a two tier cake.

What do you guys like to do to unwind? Let me know 🙂




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