How I’m staying positive in 2020


Hello my lovely readers!

As you can see, my blog posts have been few and far between the last few weeks. Unsurprisingly, during this crazy year, there have been times when I just didn’t feel like writing a post or quite frankly, not finding much inspiration! But lately I’m feeling a little brighter I guess. Although Covid-19 is far from over, the slight progress we are making in some parts of the world does bring hope.

I’m choosing to focus on positives where possible. Although it is difficult to always feel happy all of the time, if we all try to shift our minds to the positive where we can then slowly, I hope we can finish 2020 better than we started.

A few things that are brightening my days/ weeks so far have been:


Being Creative

It’s been so nice to be able to dedicate more time to my creative side again. Between work and my accounts course last year, I slowly found myself doing less and less creative hobbies. Now that I’m on a break from studying and have been staying in at the weekends due to lockdown, I have found more time to get those creative juices flowing. I am loving drawing more again and practicing calligraphy too.



Of course reading is something I do all times of the year, and to be honest I was a little unmotivated at the start of lockdown to pick up a book. I’m not sure why, but I just couldn’t concentrate at first. Thankfully Vanille and I are back in the swing of book club and I am enjoying the new books we have to discuss (New review pending…)




I think we can all agree that the lockdown snacking has got us all. I vary between eating way too many sweets, crisps etc and then not much at all. However, one of my all time favourite snacks of late is dark chocolate. I need to have dark chocolate with a little flavour to it, so the Lindt range is perfect because they have amazing combos such as hazelnut, sea salt and salted caramel. The early days of lockdown were more of packaged snacks, but as the stock of fresh fruit seems to be back to normal I have really enjoyed the combination of sweet fruit and the chocolate.

Quality Time

Of course what this time has also allowed us to reconnect with friends and family even more. I love that despite not being able to see people physically, I have felt so close to all of my friends during these past few months. I am lucky that I live with family too, so I have certainly not been lonely during this time! Although I will never say that Covid has been a good thing, I think the fact everyone had to take step back and slow down has been a good reminder of what’s important. Losing people during this time has also reiterated again how short life is, so whilst the world slowly returns to normal, let’s remember this time and to take care of ourselves.


Exercising…. sometimes

Ahh exercise… my old friend, or should it be my nemesis? I have had a love hate relationship with exercise during lockdown. As I have been staying in a lot more and still working at my desk during the week, I know how important it is for me to stay active. I’ve been doing yoga, using the Barre balance online classes and using the Tone and Sculpt app.

That being said, some days or weeks I haven’t done much at all, and that’s ok. This is a really weird time in all of our lives so if you don’t feel like doing burpees some days, then don’t. I am finding motivation again after a few weeks of not wanting to do much and I think that’s the same for many. Sometimes we will feel super motivated and want to do it all and other times we just want to stay in bed. It’s all about finding a balance during this time and being kind to yourself.



What have you been doing to stay happy during lockdown?



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