Staying Cosy, through the cold…


When it comes to the weather getting colder, I feel as though it’s something I have been preparing for all year. Naturally, I’m always on the colder side of the spectrum. I tend to wear bed socks, even in warmer months, my nose goes red at just the hint of the cold weather, and a hot toddy goes a long way with me. So as the temperature drops a little more each day, I wanted to find some new cosy and comfortable clothes as winter approaches.



Classic cover up

You will never tend to see me without a scarf, or a cardigan! I love how much variety there is in a cardigan. From sleek and ribbed cardigans, to the ridiculously fluffy cardigans you can wrap up with on a cold day. Heading into winter I just knew a cardigan was on my to buy list. Grey seems to be my go to colour for knitwear, and I fell head over heels for this comfortable and gorgeous cardigan from ASOS. Whether wearing this with some jeans for Sunday brunch, relaxing with your most comfortable jogger bottoms on the couch, or thrown over a skirt and t-shirt, this is a stylish cardigan you can wear all through winter.

I can’t tell you how comfortable this cardigan is. It is ridiculously soft and such a perfect slouchy fit for winter. Whether buying this for yourself or even as a gift for someone else, it will be perfect for a winter of comfort.



Comfort with a twist


Whilst knitwear is great as we head into the colder months, sometimes you want a little comfort, without covering up too much. I love this hooded body from Tobi for being comfortable, a little daring and still great for a rainy day. The colour is a lovely purple/mauve tone that is perfect for a relaxed day look. I’ve never tried a body before, but this is surprisingly comfy and as it is fitted, you can get away with not even attaching the bottom. The added hood just makes this look even cuter! This works whether paired with jeans, a skirt or just lounging around your living room in your comfy pants.

If wearing just with a bra isn’t really for you, this can easily have a vest top or t-shirt added underneath. This comes in several colours, so if you are anything like me, you will want to snap up a few – at Tobi . (




Night time comfort

Of course winter isn’t just about the clothes you wear during the day, but the essential comfort item of night-wear! Pyjamas and underwear are most definitely my favourite thing to buy. I feel like you can never really have too many of either. I fell in love with these night shirts from Boux Avenue recently when I was doing a little window shopping.

Not only are they ridiculously soft, they are so comfortable for lounging around the house and wearing to bed as the temperature continues to get chillier. Initially I was just going to purchase the pink sleep shirt, but after trying on the pink, I decided it was just too comfortable, that I had to have both (I was cheering myself up guys and have no will power!). These shirts would be amazing as a gift, whether that’s for a loved one or for yourself, I will let you decide.



How will you be keeping warm this winter?




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