Christmas shopping: My way to getting it done…


Christmas shopping is either a love or hate kind of game. I know majority of the time it can feel like a real pain fitting in the time to get lovely, thoughtful gifts for all your nearest and dearest, but it can be fun.

For me personally I online shop as much as possible in the run up to Christmas. However, there is always a day I dedicate to tackling the remaining gifts and accessories all in one go. Usually this leads to my arms no longer being able to work, tired, high on caffeine and with more bags than I know what to do with, but I also really love it.

Tackling it in one day just makes sense to me. Usually this is around mid December, definitely not Christmas eve, that is a big no-no. My D- day of shopping usually starts at 9 am, armed with a list and a credit card. I map out my route for the day and just hit the shops. Some years I am done by 12 pm, one year I think I was somehow still shopping at 6 pm! But with all the wrapping paper, gifts and stocking fillers finally bought, the rest of the time I have can be put to good use. I love spending my evenings running up to christmas cosy by the fire, baking, blogging, watching cheesy christmas films and getting into the spirit. So far I haven’t been feeling very festive, but I think that is just down to being busy, now December is here I am really starting to get into the merry feeling (minus the major set back of illness). Hopefully as i am starting to feel normal again, this merry feeling will only continue throughout the month!

What are your Christmas shopping tips?




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