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Hi Everyone,

Today marks the 15th anniversary of Legally blonde. Reese Witherspoon has been celebrating all day, so I thought I would go back to an older post that was on my old blog and share my feelings on why we all fell head over heels for Elle Woods!


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Now you may be thinking why choose a fictional woman for inspiration, when there are so many real women to choose from? Whilst this is true, I want to talk about any woman who has ever inspired me, and Elle Woods is one of them! I love that she is an unapologetic girly girl, proves that you can love both shopping, manicure’s and gossip magazines as well as falling in love with academia and learning. This is a film that I have literally watched hundreds of times but I always come away feeling inspired. Not only do we fall in love with who Elle is when we first meet her, but over the course of the first Legally blonde movie, we are rooting for her! Elle doesn’t immediately fit in and for that she is bullied and ostracized. I fall in love with her even more, and just want to give her a hug when she is turned away from the study group (Damn you Vivienne!) But this is when the bad ass side of Elle is unleashed and she gets serious about proving them wrong. Elle suddenly puts faith in herself and her abilities, she studies hard, uses her mind and impresses everyone who at first laughed at her.

Studying is absolutely essential -- you shouldn't wait until the last minute!

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Legally blonde inspired me as a teenager and still continues to do so. What I love about this film, is that it doesn’t turn Elle into someone she’s not, the fact that she uses the rules of getting a perm to win her case proves this. What this film does is show what happens when you apply yourself, it teaches women of any age that they should never try to change for anyone, and to believe in yourself.

I think Reese Witherspoon was the best casting for this role, she is sweet and engaging and just brings Elle to life! In the sequel we see Elle once again challenge herself, and come to some realisation’s about the beauty products she uses and how they affect animals being tested on. Elle quits her job rather than work for those that don’t want to stand up for her beliefs and stand up for animals. I am a huge fan of both movies and that is mainly down to our main character Elle!

Whenever I need an inspiration to get some work done, or just to remind myself what we girls are capable of,I watch Legally blonde.

So she may be fictional, but Elle Woods represents so many women who have underestimated themselves, who chase the wrong guy and compromise themselves in the process. Elle decides to prove everyone wrong, stands up for herself and says this is who I am not what you tell me. For that she will always be a character that inspires me, and I would hope we can all come away from watching this film feeling empowered.

Have a great day everyone! I think I may go and watch Legally blonde again myself 🙂





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