My favourite places in Liverpool: Ancient liverpool


I have said many times how much I love Liverpool, but I have yet to show you one of my favourite parts of the city in detail. Today I thought I would take you along to one of the best parts of the city. I call it the ancient side of Liverpool because of the amazing buildings. The World museum, St George’s Hall, Central Library and the Walker Art Gallery can all be found along this area. My love for this part of the city is partly down to my love of Greek mythology, as well as Ancient greek and Ancient Roman history. All of the buildings that house the museum, library and art gallery are beautiful, walking along here makes me feel as though I have turned a corner onto a cobbled street in Athens. It is not just the aesthetic of the buildings but of course what they contain within them.

I love to learn, to read and discover more about the world so growing up we did visit the museum a lot. Even now if I do have the time, I think paying a visit to the museum or art gallery is a great way to spend and afternoon. Of course my favourite section is the ancient culture floor, because I never tire of looking at the past, the beliefs that the Ancient Greeks, Romans and the Egyptian people had, as well as he beautiful artefacts that they have left behind.

Besides the museum, there is also the Central library which was recently renovated. The exterior of the central library is just as gorgeous as its new interior. With a great mixture of modern aspects, as well as maintaining the historical structure. The library has everything you need for a good afternoon or working, reading, or simply just killing some time. I know many people now visit the library on a more regular basis due to the refurbishment, which is great. You could spend a good many hours there and not be short of things to do.


The Walker Art gallery is not one that I visit as often, but I really do love the exterior of this building as well. Particularly when the sun is shining, the William browns street is a great place to spend your time.

If you are visiting the city, or even if you live in Liverpool and  just have some time to spare, I highly suggest you take a visit.

Thanks for reading everyone.





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