Staying organised

Hi everyone,

So today I just wanted to do a quick post about staying on top of everything. Whether it is blogging, work, making plans with friends, or organising your day-to-day duties we all need some organisation in our life!

I am naturally an organisation freak, but with a lot going on lately even the best of us need extra help. So here are my best tips for staying one step ahead:

  1. Get a calendar! 

Yes your phone will have a calendar but a calendar you can hang on the wall, or on a notice board is so much better. I love my phone but actually writing down what I have planned and waking up and seeing that every day is great.

2. Have a notebook

A notebook is great for so many reasons. Particularly for blogging, I find that I can get blog ideas at very random times. Being able to keep a list and ideas all in one place is great to see what you have coming up, helps not be too repetitive and sparks more creativity! For those that don’t blog, a handy notebook I find is essential for helping you keep organised just in day to day life. Whether you just have your shopping list in there, Do to list, doodles, or a few up coming events. A notebook in your handbook is a great little tool.

3. Plan. Plan. Plan

I find that the only way to be organised is to actually plan ahead. I’ve spoken about meal prep before, but we can apply this to other aspects of our life. I like to plan ahead for blog posts as much as possible, usually the next five I will do a rough idea of what I want to do. Sometimes this changes, sometimes life gets in the way. But if you have one day a week where you can sit down and make a list of what plans you have, what meals you are going to cook or what lunch to take to work it makes the weekday that much easier.

4. Post its are a perfect purchase

I love Post its. Yes you can sometimes end up finding them at the bottom of your bag months after you’ve used them, but a handy little sticky note is also a great tool. I use these on a daily basis at my job, but also at home as well. I also like to use different colours to throughly organise what’s going on that week. Sticky notes, not only work great as a quick reminder for your fridge door, or in your day planner. But just using these throughout your calendar can take your organising to the next level as it further highlights your most important tasks.






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