Recommended Authors: Jane Austen

Happy Friday!

Today I am showing some love to one of my favourite authors. I am well aware that pretty much everyone has heard of Jane Austen, even if you haven’t read her books, you have probably seen Colin Firth or Keira Knightley starring in the film adaptations (Depending on which generation you are). But just because Jane Austen is a classic novelist and known throughout the world,doesn’t mean she shouldn’t still be featured here 🙂

It is because of ‘Emma’ Jane Austen’s fourth published novel, that I fell in love with reading again. I had stopped as a young teenager, because I didn’t believe I could read adult books. I looked around book shops, just feeling completely overwhelmed with where to begin and what to choose, so instead of trying, I just gave up! It was only when I had to read Emma, in my english literature class in school that I remembered why I loved reading in the first place. I’m sure my teachers soothing voice also helped, but the minute we started reading this book, I just waned to carry on reading it, skipping ahead to see what happens, and found myself excited to get to english just to read more of the story.


After this, I purchased all of the Jane Austen Novels, and began to dive into each world of charming characters, created by Jane. I have read all of them except for Pride and prejudice. I purposely left this until last, as it is so iconic as both a novel and film, that I wanted to save this as the last Austen I would read. However, I am one of those people who will plan what I will read next, and then buy a new book and read that instead dues to the excitement of wanting to dive in, so I have yet to finish the Jane Austen collection. But talking about Emma again has made me want to revist and complete the entire book series, so after I finish my current read (Lolita) I will be indulging in Pride and prejudice.

If you have never read Jane Austen’s works I highly recommend them, yes at times you can think ‘hmm what does that mean’ or the way someone phrases something you may need to look twice, but that’s kind of its appeal. I enjoy the different way the characters speak, the way they communicate in such a different way to the modern world now. There is no chance of finding YOLO or LOL in a Jane Austen, language is one of the greatest parts of these books. The way characters express themselves is lovely to read. These are the kind of books, that as teenager I thought I would struggle to understand, but it is really isn’t what you imagine.


Just like any story, you journey along with the characters, not only the main protagonist but the majority you are introduced to. From Emma, you often find yourself wanting to hear about others such as Harriet and Mr Elton. In Persuasion you fall in love just as Anne Elliot does. You care for the people Jane introduces, because her descriptions truly paint a picture of that time and place. With every book, I found myself engrossed in that world, and wondering if I had been born in the wrong century, as I could clearly picture myself in that world with them too!  Jane Austen is a fantastic story teller, her books and the characters within them are as timeless as ever. Not only enjoyable to read now, but so wonderful they have inspired others and even films! The movie clueless is loosely based on Emma, with Cher being a similar character for the uptight and seemingly all-knowing Emma. I also believe Bridget Jones’ diary was inspired from Pride and prejudice, with the one and only Mr Darcy (Colin firth) making an appearance as well!

But whether you watch the films, read the books or even just read more about Jane herself, I can’t praise Jane Austen enough. Not only with the personal things she went through, to achieve her dreams of being an author, but to the books she created as well!  I highly recommend trying one her novels and stepping into her world.

Jane Austen inspired me to read again, and for that I will always be a fan.

Thanks for reading everyone!





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