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It’s not often these days that I get overly excited about a restaurant or bar. Perhaps it’s because I am lucky to live in a wonderful city that has so much to offer in terms of places to eat, drink and enjoy. There are beautiful restaurants all across Liverpool, but I think the most beautiful place of all may have just arrived. 

I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to the opening of The Florist, and even after seeing their pristine website and the beautiful images of their first branch in bristol, nothing seemed to prepare me for how much I fell in love from the minute I stepped through the doors. This is a breathtaking space that is so much more than a place to have a glass of gin, or a sample of their roast anya potatoes. You are transported into a garden of beauty that awakens all of the senses. 

‘The Florist believes in the fundamental principles of floristry, to charm each of the senses…’

This was a two-day event to truly experience everything The Florist has to offer, and fully enjoy their concept of awakening all of the senses. The first day we arrived in the evening to the friendly and welcoming staff; beverages on arrival and surrounded by the beautiful interiors that I’m not even sure pictures can do justice for. It is not just about a place to take a cute instagram and to enjoy a drink or eat some food, this is a place to come to be immersed in everything they can offer, and escape the outside world, even if it’s just for a few hours.

The first evening we enjoyed a quick tour of the venue before immersing ourselves in all it had in store. From the very beginning of the evening, we were instantly enticed by every part of The Florist. Our senses were lifted and engaged from the upbeat music from the DJ, the surroundings allowed us to feel like we were truly in another world and the fabulous cocktails made our tastebuds reawaken! Not only were we able to experience the atmosphere, but we also experienced some of their masterclasses that are available to book.

The Art of Floristry 

‘Discover the art of floristry with an expertly-led masterclass. You will be guided through your bespoke experience; be it as traditional or as contemporary as you like, to create your very own beautiful floral arrangement’.

This class was run by two wonderful ladies from the Joseph Massie school of floristry. There was a beautiful selection of flowers to choose from as we were taught about how many we should be using and in which order. The room had a wonderful smell that just brighten you up as you stepped through. I’m not sure if this particular masterclass will be a regular one to book, but I hope it is, as it was very informative and fun!

Cocktail Masterclass  

‘Our florists have developed delicate flavours that illustrate and highlight subtle and sometimes very strong flavours. Indulge in interesting combinations of fresh fruit and citrus juice that we press ourselves alongside much more that mother nature has to offer.’

 I experienced the cocktail masterclass during the first night preview. This was led by two experts who actually helped create the drinks menu we enjoyed, and they both were extremely passionate about what they do! We learnt a little more about the three different types of classes, which are in fact based on the three times of floristry. 
Ikebana – Simplistic and beautiful
English Garden-  Taken from beautiful flowers such as lavender, rose and Poppy
Modern Contemporary – A modern twist with flavours such as Hibiscus and Elderflower

Gin Discovery & Recipe Workshop 

‘Truth be told, there’s more to gin than tonic! Discover the origins and history of our botanists’ favourite tipple, as our experts guide you through our gin tasting masterclass. Enjoy a range of expertly selected gins, as you learn to identify the unique flavours and botanicals in every bottle.’

The Gin masterclass is not one I got the chance to experience, but I know it would be fantastic based on the enthusiasm the staff had for their craft, and the knowledge they all had, as I asked questions throughout the evening. I did sample one of the Gin cocktails and it was perfection.

The classes are available from around £25 per person. The rooms can also be hired out for the classes to be enjoyed in more privacy as well as for events such as baby showers as well.

‘Step into a sensory world and discover an arrangement of culinary delights, fragrant cocktails and the art of live music…’

Sunday Roast for the soul 

The following day, we returned to experience the final part of the florist, which is the incredible menu they have to offer. Not only is there a good mix of vegetarian, vegan and meat options, but there is a gluten-free menu as well. As a vegetarian myself, it was lovely to see more options than most other places offer and far more intriguing than the usual almost standard vegetarian options you find on most menus. For the roast dinner I enjoyed a mushroom, red lentil, Stilton and chestnut roast with all the beautiful trimmings of honey-mustard glazed carrots, red cabbage, tender-stain broccoli, roast potatoes (of course) and yorkshire puddings. 

This meal was heavenly! Everything was cooked to perfection, delicious and with the option to add even more delicious sides (I chose carrot and parsnip mash) it was absolute perfection. We then finished it off with a dessert of Toffee apple, almond crumble with ice cream.The meal, combined with the soothing sounds of the fantastic music and the gorgeous setting of the interiors, truly made this an experience like no other. The staff were attentive, friendly and made sure that everyone enjoyed themselves. 

I love the concept that The Florist has designed, and whether you are heading there for some drinks with the girls, a sunday roast with your family or an evening of dance and cocktails to enjoy such as; their Lavender thistle, violet daisy or a any number of their unique and gorgeous cocktails. You will truly be transported to an experience beyond just a meal or a quick drink. 

I had two days to experience and enjoy the Florist, and yet I had no desire to leave! The pricing is very reasonable for the drinks and the meals, especially when you consider the environment you get to enjoy them with too. I would highly recommend The Florist Liverpool to any of my friends and family – in fact I haven’t stopped talking about it since leaving! 

If you want to experience something special, in a beautiful setting and a delicious menu, head to The Florist Liverpool. But trust me, once you go, you will never want to leave. 



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