Day to night with Laroc Eyeshadow


If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that my collection of eyeshadow has been somewhat limited. But over the last few months I have been trying out new palettes to see which ones I enjoy using, and to keep developing my eyeshadow technique and collection.

Recently I was kindly sent the lovely palette from Laroc to try out and so I decided to choose the 78 vibrant tones palette. The delivery was very quick and packaged well to avoid damage.

Whilst the colours provided are small in size for the most part, I love how diverse they are. Not only are there neutral shades, but as you can see, very vibrant and bright shades. This makes it a great palette for a simple day look, or a fun and flirty evening look.

I wanted to try out this palette to see how the colours look, and how they blend. After my first try, I didn’t see much of the colour on my eye lid, which means you do need to build the colour up. I found that when applying an eyeshadow primer, this made a huge difference in allowing the eye shadow to hold.

For the this look, I used the matte colours only rather than any shimmer shades. I wanted something relatively simple for this look and just to see how the shades blend. Whilst I did have fun using the palette, and going through the many different shade options, I do find that the colours aren’t very strongly pigmented. I love the idea of such a diverse palette that would be great for so many looks, however, the colours only really stayed in place with an eyeshadow primer, and were not as pigmented as I would hope.

What I do love about the palette is that it is a great way to start off your eyeshadow collection. This is a fun palette, and has every colour you could need to create so many great looks! I also love that these palettes are really great prices. I don’t always love spending huge amounts on makeup, so this is perfect for an all in one palette that can suit everyone. 

 With the help of an eyeshadow primer this is a great little palette to have, especially for the more adventurous person looking for bright and bold eyeshadow looks, just in time for spring and summer! 

If you want to know more, or purchase the palette, then visit the Laroc website here!





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